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Ultralife Corporation Receives
$4.8 Million Order

Contract with U.S. Defense Department for Ultralife's SmartCircuit® lithium ion rechargeable batteries and chargers

Ultralife Corporation Press Release - 9/3/2008
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Ultralife Batteries

Ultralife Batteries

NEWARK, N.Y. - Ultralife Corporation (NASDAQ: ULBI) has received an order valued at approximately $4.8 million from the U.S. Defense Department for Ultralife's SmartCircuit® lithium ion rechargeable batteries and chargers from its Land Warrior product suite.

Deliveries of Ultralife's UBBL06 and UBBL08 lithium ion rechargeable batteries and its CH0006 3-postion military vehicle-based charger and CH0012 12-position bulk charger are expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of this year.

Land Warrior batteries and chargers were originally developed by Ultralife in 2004 under a $2.7 million development contract from General Dynamics to equip Land Warrior ensembles with an advanced man-portable power system. In 2006 Ultralife received a $1.4 million production order from General Dynamics C4 Systems for lithium ion batteries as well as vehicle, bulk and individual Soldier-based chargers.

"Technology development programs, a key facet of our product development strategy, offer a cost effective way for us to bring products to market," said John D. Kavazanjian, Ultralife's president and chief executive officer. "For example, technology we provided for the Land Warrior program opened new market opportunities for our advanced smart batteries and charging systems. Since completing the development work for General Dynamics, we have received orders from prime contractors, U.S. and international distribution partners and now the U.S. Department of Defense for batteries and chargers from our Land Warrior product suite."

Land Warrior is an integrated, modular fighting system that uses technology to enhance individual soldiers' close-combat tactical awareness, lethality and survivability. The system includes weapon-mounted sensors, an integrated helmet assembly, a communications-navigation computer system and software for friendly-force tracking and command/control programs.

About Ultralife Corporation

Ultralife Corporation, which began as a battery company, now serves its markets with products and services ranging from portable and standby power solutions to communications and electronics systems. Through its engineering and collaborative approach to problem solving, Ultralife serves government, defense and commercial customers across the globe.

Ultralife's family of brands includes: Ultralife Batteries, Stationary Power Services, RPS Power Systems, ABLE, McDowell Research and RedBlack Communications. Ultralife's operations are in North America, Europe and Asia. For more information on Ultralife, visit

Ultralife® and SmartCircuit® are registered trademarks of Ultralife Corporation.

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