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National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA)
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Selected as "Member Tested & Recommended" by the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA)

Brite-Strike Technologies, Inc. Press Release - 9/9/2008
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Brite-Strike Tactical Flashlights

Brite-Strike Tactical Flashlights

KINGSTON, Ma. - Brite-Strike Technologies, Inc. (Pink Sheets: BSTI) is proud to announce that their Tactical Blue Dot two cell momentary/high model (BD RL198 MH 2C) has been selected as "Member Tested & Recommended" by the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA).

This model received a score of 4.62 out of a possible 5.00 points. Recommendation is now listed on the NTOA's online database and the review will soon be published in "The Tactical Edge" journal.

Since 1983, the NTOA has been recognized as the premier organization for SWAT/Tactical Teams and their support personnel. NTOA offers training, instructor development, tactical data collection, equipment surveys and program reviews.

Brite-Strike® is a company founded and operated by working police officers who are dedicated to developing and manufacturing state-of-the-art tactical illumination tools for law enforcement and the military. Our corporate philosophy is "If it can not be operated with one finger of one hand, it is NOT tactical."

In late 2006, two suburban Massachusetts police officers were not satisfied with the tactical flashlights on the market for law enforcement. Together they brought a unique combination of product development, manufacturing and tactical operations to the table. Their goal was to make an economical light that was much brighter and more ergonomic for one handed operation. The result was the Tactical Blue Dot series of lights.

As a new and expanding company, Brite-Strike® is not encumbered with obsolete technology and inventory. This allows us to build products that use the latest cutting-edge materials available. Using the most up-to-date LED and power management chip technology available, Brite-Strike® manufactures the smallest and brightest handheld LED tactical light on the market.

Brite-Strike® Tactical Blue Dot lights feature brilliant, flawless white light using only the highest quality LUXEON® Rebel LEDs by Lumileds. While other companies advertise their 65 lumen lights as "blistering," Brite-Strike's Tactical Blue Dot is rated at up to 198 lumens. Our proprietary power management system is more efficient and produces longer run times than the competition. The ergonomic design fits your hand naturally. The Tactical Blue Dot is machined from a single billet of 7075-T6 aluminum, the same material used for M16 receivers. The lights are finished with a tough, hard anodized finish in matte black, which exceeds MILSPEC Type III, Class 2 requirements. Brite-Strike® developed the hi/low/strobe Tactical Touch™ switch which allows the user to change light modes from high, low and strobe with one switch and one finger.

Brite-Strike® builds lights "designed by police officers for police officers"™. Every day that we go on duty, we use and rely on the same lights that we sell to our customers.

About Brite-Strike Tactical Illumination Products, Inc.

Brite-Strike Tactical Illumination Products, Inc. was started by two police officers to create world-class tactical LED flashlights that had the features that police officers and citizens need to keep them safe. Brite-Strike makes a promise to always use the latest technology, world-class components, highest design and manufacturing standards, so consumers can rely on Brite-Strike products when they are needed. For more information on the Brite-Strike product line, please visit: Law Enforcement and military personnel are eligible for discount pricing. Contact Customer Service at or (781)585-5509 for further details.

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