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Line Lite International B.V. Press Release - 9/11/2008
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8 Watt CREE E27 EcoLED

8 Watt CREE E27 EcoLED from Line Lite International

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands - Line Lite International B.V, unveils the world first truly dimmable LED light bulb and spotlights - the EcoDIM series. These advanced LED lamps can be dimmed by any regular wall dimmer.

No extra wiring, special equipment or remote control is needed, just adjust the switch of the wall dimmer and this LED bulb can be dimmed smoothly from 0% to 100%.

Our patent pending dimming technology is uniquely different than other manufacturers. Through extensive research and development, we have developed an energy efficient PWM circuit to control the current to LED when the input is varied by triac dimmers. No extra or messy wiring to control the lamps

At 100% brightness level the 4 watt LED dimmable EcoDIM bulb can produce up to 200 lumens of Warm White light, and the 8 watt version emitting about 300 lumens of Warm White light.

Available color temperatures of the EcoDIM series are 2800K and 6000K

The EcoDIM series are available in E27, E14 or G5.3 lamp C bases and on stock by October 2008

Other advantages of this dimmable LED lamp are:

o Very energy efficient, consumes 80% less energy compare to incandescent light bulbs

o Low body temperature, only 30°C on glass

o Instant 0% to 100% brightness, does not requires warming up time

o No mercury or other chemical waist, does not produces any Greenhouse Emissions or CO2 footprint.

o Long usable life, we're able to guarantee 50.000 hours of life.

To mention a few typical applications:

Shop / Retail Lighting
Architectural Lighting
Energy Saving Programs
Sustainable Energy
Spot Lighting
Showroom Lighting
Museum Lighting
Hotel / Reception Areas
Home Lighting
Commercial Lighting
General Lighting
Effects Lighting

The phasing out of the old light bulbs worldwide is taking off in most Industrial Countries and this product development enhances the need for simple plug and play LED energy saving solutions.

We maintain a complete patent portfolio on these products with this in house R&D development.

More information can be obtained from:

Line Lite International B.V.
Oranje Nassaulaan 58
1075 AS Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Phone: +31206642281
Fax: +31206711293

You can visit the company's website at:

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