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Energizer Powers the Holidays:
Innovative Power Solutions for Holiday Gifts

Company showcasing its industry-leading lithium battery technology and charging systems

Energizer Holdings, Inc. Press Release - 9/17/2008
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Energizer® Portable Power Solutions

Energizer® Portable Power Solutions

ST. LOUIS, Mo. - For more than 100 years, Energizer (NYSE: ENR) has been a leader in developing innovative portable power solutions to fuel today's high-tech devices. Now, with the holidays fast approaching and gaming and portable technology gadgets likely to top many gift lists, Energizer ( will once again be showcasing its industry-leading lithium battery technology and charging systems this week at PEPCOM's 2008 Holiday Spectacular! show in New York City.

Finding the Right Battery Solution is Important

Batteries will continue to be a household necessity this holiday season and beyond as they power gaming systems and digital cameras along with everyday items like calculators and clocks. When choosing batteries for each of these devices, it is important to remember that not all batteries are "created equal," and consumers will want to choose the battery that will give them maximum performance for the device.

"With people relying on a growing number of high-tech gadgets, it's even more important than ever for consumers to choose the right battery that not only fits the device but their lifestyle," said Betsy Laakko, Director of Household Battery Marketing for Energizer. "We suggest Energizer® MAX® for everyday devices like flashlights, calculators and basic television remotes, while those who are looking for batteries to provide longer lasting power for high-drain, high-tech devices like digital cameras, gaming accessories and handheld GPS systems should consider the power boost provided by either Energizer® Advanced Lithium or Energizer® Ultimate Lithium. Tech enthusiasts who prefer reusable rechargeable batteries for some of their devices will also want to look at our full line of chargers and Energizer® Rechargeable® batteries."

The Lithium Solution: Making On-The- Go Lifestyles Easier

Energizer recently launched new Energizer® Advanced Lithium to introduce consumers -- particularly gamers -- to its industry-leading lithium technology. Energizer® Advanced Lithium provides more power for the devices people rely on (versus Energizer® MAX®) and is billed as the gateway to lithium technology and performance. New Energizer® Advanced Lithium fuels wireless gaming accessories up to 20 hours longer(1) and is one-third lighter than ordinary alkaline batteries, meaning gamers can move quickly and easily when using a handheld remote.

"Because these batteries are lightweight and long lasting -- we know gamers are going to love new Energizer® Advanced Lithium," said Laakko. "This new product also offers extended power for other high-tech gadgets such as handheld games, MP3 players and LED flashlights. In fact, these batteries last up to 4X longer(2) in digital cameras, making them an appropriate power source for photographers currently using alkaline batteries."

Energizer® Advanced Lithium joins the company's existing Energizer® Ultimate Lithium batteries, which are the world's longest-lasting AA and AAA batteries in high-tech devices and last up to 8X longer(2) in digital cameras, while also extending the use of flash units and handheld GPS units.

Both Energizer® Advanced Lithium and Energizer® Ultimate Lithium batteries perform well in extreme temperatures from -40 degrees to 140 degrees Fahrenheit (-40 degrees to 60 degrees Celsius) and enjoy long storage lives -- 10 and 15 years respectively. Suggested retail price is $7.99 for a four-pack of Energizer® Advanced Lithium and $9.99 for a four-pack of Energizer® Ultimate Lithium.

Household Gamers: Keep the Remotes Handy and Ready to Go with Energizer® Power & Play Charging Systems

While disposable batteries are an appropriate solution for many gamers and households, some -- especially heavy battery users -- prefer to rely on a rechargeable option. That's why -- for active gamers -- Energizer is now offering Energizer® Power & Play charging systems designed specifically for Wii® by Nintendo®, Microsoft® XBox 360® and Sony® PlayStation 3® wireless controllers. The Energizer® Power & Play charging system for Wii® by Nintendo® remotes, which retails for a suggested price of $39.99, comes with rechargeable batteries, replacement battery doors and a charging station. Replacement rechargeable batteries and covers are also available for $10.99. The rechargeable battery pack for the Wii® Fit by Nintendo® is equipped with an audible and LED low-battery indicator and has a suggested retail price of $29.99.

The Energizer® Power & Play charging systems for the Microsoft® XBox 360® and the Sony PlayStation 3® include a charging cradle and A/C powercord and have a suggested retail price of $29.99. Additional charging cables are available for $12.99 for the XBox 360® and $9.99 for the PlayStation 3®.

Sleek, convenient and easy to use, all of the new Energizer® Power & Play charging systems will be available in stores this month, just in time for the busy holiday season. Created through a licensing agreement with Performance Designed Products (PDP), the new Energizer® Power & Play charging systems mark the first time that Energizer has partnered with a manufacturer in the gaming arena. "With the popularity of gaming, we wanted to give gamers two viable solutions to power their favorite wireless controllers," said Laakko. "Whether using Energizer® Advanced Lithium or our new Energizer® Power & Play gaming charging systems, gamers using Energizer products can rest assured that their fun will last and last."

Energizer®Rechargeable® Systems: Powering Multiple High-Tech Devices For Family Fun That Lasts and Lasts

For those households with lots of battery-powered gadgets looking for long-lasting reusable power, Laakko suggests an Energizer® Rechargeable® system. The world's leading rechargeable brand boasts innovative charger designs that are compatible with today's power-hungry families. Energizer® Rechargeable® AA 2450 mAh NiMH batteries last up to 4X longer in digital cameras(3), can be charged hundreds of times and hold their charge up to six months.

The line of Energizer® Rechargeable® systems chargers offers a variety of solutions that give consumers the ability to choose the one that best fits their individual needs. The Energizer® Family Charger, for example, is ideal for people who use a wide variety of rechargeable batteries, as it can charge up to eight AAA, eight AA, two 9V, four C and four D batteries. The Energizer® Compact Charger®, on the other hand, is an ideal, space-saving alternative for those who use primarily AA and AAA rechargeable batteries. When chargers like these are combined with the #1 selling rechargeable battery brand in the world, the end result is a solution that fits many kinds of lifestyles.

"This holiday season our vast battery portfolio gives our consumers the opportunity to choose the right battery for the right device," said Laakko. "With Energizer® MAX®, Energizer® Advanced Lithium, Energizer® Ultimate Lithium and our broad selection of Energizer® Power & Play charging systems, our consumers can have a clear understanding of the portable power options available and can purchase the battery that best suits their power needs and lifestyles."

(1) Vs. Energizer® MAX®. AA only. Results vary by play and/or usage patterns.
(2) Vs. Energizer® MAX®. Results vary by camera.
(3) Vs. Energizer® MAX®, AA 2450 mAh only, varies by camera and usage.

About Energizer

Energizer Holdings, Inc. [NYSE: ENR],, headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, is one of the world's largest manufacturers of primary batteries, battery-powered devices and flashlights. Energizer, a global leader in the dynamic business of providing portable power geared toward the new digital age, offers a full portfolio of products including the Energizer® MAX® premium alkaline brand; Energizer® Ultimate Lithium; Energizer® Advanced Lithium and Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) Rechargeable batteries and chargers.

The Energizer product line also includes specialty batteries for hearing aids and medical devices, health and fitness devices, as well as for keyless remote entry systems, watches and other uses. Through its flashlight and lighting products unit, Energizer helps bring consumer insight and innovation to these important household devices. Energizer continues its role as a technology leader for on-the-go lifestyles with its Energizer® Energi To Go® line of portable battery-driven power packs for cell phones and for use with iPod devices.

About Performance Designed Products (PDP)

Performance Designed Products is an industry leader in designing and manufacturing products for all major video game platforms including the PS2, PS3, PSP, Wii® by Nintendo®, GameCube, Nintendo DS, XBox 360® and XBox®. The company has been supplying video game accessories to the U.S. market for more than a decade. PDP sells products under the Pelican and Score brands with sales in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and throughout Europe. For more information on PDP and its products, visit

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