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Cyalume Announces Phthalate Free
Chemical Light Sticks

Removes phthalates completely from the chemical composition of their SnapLight® light sticks

Cyalume Light Technologies Inc. Press Release - 9/22/2008
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SnapLights from Cyalume Light Technologies

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Ma. - While exhibiting at the National Safety Council Expo in Anaheim, CA, Cyalume Light Technologies Inc. ("Cyalume"), a private company that is a leading provider of safety, security and training products for the US military and other militaries announced, that its SnapLight® product line will be made phthalate free. Responding to the "Kids Safe Chemical Act" now before Congress, Cyalume has made the decision to remove phthalates completely from the chemical composition of their SnapLight® light sticks.

Phthalates are found in everyday items and are widely used in the manufacture of light sticks. Some phthalates have been found to be harmful to the environment, damage human reproductive systems, be hormone disruptors and even cause cancer. Six phthalates have been banned as part of the "Kids Safe Chemical Act." SnapLights did contain phthalates, but not any of the six that are banned in this act. Even though some phthalates have not yet been proven to be health or safety threats, Cyalume has decided to be proactive and make SnapLights phthalate free. "The safety of our users is of great concern, and we aren't taking any chances with phthalates of any kind in our SnapLight® brand," said Earl Cranor, Cyalume's Vice President of Technology.

Derek Dunaway, Cyalume's CEO said, "Cyalume's continuing commitment to safety through our research and development efforts has resulted in the production of the new phthalate free product line. This breakthrough development is a significant milestone for Cyalume and illustrates our commitment to environmentally conscious manufacturing processes. This patent protected process sets us apart from our competitors and positions us to strongly benefit from the growing demand for environmentally safe products in the U.S. and abroad."

On February 14, 2008, Cyalume Light Technologies agreed to be acquired by Vector Intersect Security Acquisition Corporation (OTCBB: VTRQ), a special purpose acquisition company. Upon consummation of the acquisition, Derek Dunaway, CEO of Cyalume will become Chief Executive Officer of Vector Intersect. Yaron Eitan, currently CEO of Vector Intersect will become Vice Chairman of the Board. It is expected that, upon consummation of the acquisition, Vector Intersect will change its name to Cyalume Technologies Holdings. On September 12th, 2008 Vector filed a revised proxy statement with the SEC in anticipation of a shareholders vote to approve the acquisition of Cyalume by Vector.

About Cyalume

Cyalume Technologies, Inc. is the world leader in the chemiluminescent industry, providing dependable light for uses by militaries, policemen, firemen and throughout the safety industry. Cyalume's chemical lights are depended upon for both military training and battle operations as well as emergencies such as blackouts, industrial accidents, acts of terrorism and natural disasters. A full complement of Military grade Cyalume® brand, Industrial grade SnapLight® brand and Consumer grade SafetyBright® brand emergency lighting solutions are manufactured at their world headquarters in West Springfield, Massachusetts. Their French subsidiary, Cyalume Technologies SA, manufactures and distributes chemiluminescent products throughout Europe.

About Vector Intersect Security Acquisition Corp.

Vector Intersect Security Acquisition Corp. is a blank check company recently formed for the purpose of effecting a merger, capital stock exchange, asset acquisition or other similar business combination with an unidentified operating business in the security and defense industries.

Vector and its directors and executive officers and Rodman & Renshaw LLC ("Rodman") the managing underwriter of Vector's initial public offering ("IPO"), may be deemed to be participants in the solicitation of proxies for the special meeting of Vector's stockholders to be held to approve this transaction. Vector's officers and some of its directors are also stockholders of Vector and have waived their rights to any liquidation distribution Vector makes with respect to shares they acquired before the IPO. Therefore, their securities will be worthless if Vector does not acquire a target business within two years of the IPO date, as required by its Certificate of Incorporation. In addition, Rodman will receive approximately $2.4 million, the deferred portion of its underwriting discount from Vector's initial public offering, upon consummation of the acquisition of Cyalume. Interested persons can also read Vector's preliminary proxy statement and, when available, definitive proxy statement, as well as Vector's final IPO prospectus, dated April 25, 2007, as well as periodic reports Vector filed with the SEC, for more information about Vector, its officers and directors, and their individual and group security ownership in Vector, and interests in the successful consummation of the acquisition of Cyalume.

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