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Jessup Glo Brite® Egress Components Meet
New IBC Exit Marking Requirements

New building codes will require photoluminescent exit path markings for new and existing high rise buildings

Jessup Manufacturing Company Press Release - 9/23/2008
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Photoluminescent Egress Markers

Photoluminescent Egress Markers from Jessup Manufacturing

MCHENRY, Il. - Jessup Manufacturing Company, North America's leading manufacturer of photoluminescent safety products, announced that its comprehensive line of Glo Brite® Egress Components will meet the new exit path marking requirements that will be included in the 2009 edition of the International Building Code (IBC).

The new code will require photoluminescent exit path markings for new and existing high rise buildings having occupied floors located more than 75 feet above the lowest level of fire department vehicle access. The markings must be applied to steps, handrails, landings, and demarcation lines on floors and walls.

The changes were approved at the IBC action hearings held in conjunction with 2008 International Code Council (ICC) Annual Conference, Business Meeting & Final Action Hearings, which conclude in Minneapolis on Sept. 23.

"This is a significant safety development because the code will apply to both new and existing buildings," said Al Carlson, vice president marketing support and business development for Jessup. "We gained tremendous knowledge, particularly in retrofit applications, through the use of our products in New York City when their building code was changed in the wake of 9/11."

The Glo Brite® photoluminescent safety components provide a safe, illuminated emergency evacuation route to ensure human safety and reduce panic during blackout or smoky conditions. The material stores the power of ambient light, and does not use any additional electrical energy.

The Glo Brite® system includes flexible or semi-rigid marking film, rigid pathway strips and Safety Track® Tape, a durable, non-slip tape that prevents injuries due to slips or falls on stairs and potentially slick areas during both normal light and dark or smoky conditions. The products comply with the Underwriters Laboratories and ASTM International standards required by the ICC.

The International Code Council, a membership association dedicated to building safety and fire prevention, develops the codes used to construct residential and commercial buildings, including homes and schools. Most U.S. cities, counties and states that adopt codes choose the International Codes developed by the International Code Council.

About Jessup Manufacturing

Jessup Manufacturing Company ( was established in 1956 and is a global manufacturer and supplier of pressure sensitive films, photoluminescent films and non-slip technology. The company's products are used in the building, transportation, printing and action sports markets.

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