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Led Work Light Enhances Worker's
Ability and Safety

Headlights for safety glasses result in hands-free lighting for technicians making tasks easier and safer

Unique Gifts for Men Press Release - 9/23/2008
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Work Light Model VER01

Work Light Model VER01

CLEVELAND, Oh. - It seems that you never have enough hands when it comes to some jobs, and that applies even more so to technicians who face many complex mechanical tasks every day.

Getting adequate lighting is often a problem also, and having to hold a AA flashlight in your mouth while trying to repair or adjust a mechanical device is not all that unusual a sight in many workshops. While holding a flashlight in the mouth may solve the problem by feeing both hands, it is neither convenient, safe or very effective.

Unique Gifts for Men, a Cleveland Ohio retailer claims to have solved this lighting problem with the introduction of a new, unusual lighting tool. The work light consists of a pair of battery-powered LED lights that clip on to each side of safety glasses. According to John Armstrong of Unique Gifts, " this little lighting device has proven to be boon to technicians, especially auto mechanics, who are faced with low light conditions and too few hands on many jobs every day. "

The lights swivel and turn in all directions so that the lighting can be directed where it is needed. The battery-powered light is supplied in pairs to allow one to be attached to each side of glasses.

This lighting tool also has applications for do-it-yourselfers and sportsmen . Mr. Armstrong continues," this is also a useful light for reading in low light conditions. In addition to being compact and lightweight, this handy lighting tool comes with two extra sets of batteries."

The work light model VER01 has a suggested retail price of $16.99 for a package of two.

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