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Welch Allyn Relaunches to
Celebrate New HID Technology

Solarc™ NGX Allows Users to "Pierce the Darkness" Like No Other Competitive Lighting

Welch Allyn Lighting Products Press Release - 10/6/2008
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Light Cannon 100 HID Dive Light

Light Cannon 100 HID Dive Light from UnderWater Kinetics

SKANEATELES FALLS, N.Y. - Welch Allyn Lighting Products, a premier manufacturer of high-performance lighting and technology, has introduced Solarc NGX, a new high-intensity-discharge (HID) technology that allows its users to "pierce the darkness" like no other lighting to date. To celebrate this latest release, the company has relaunched, a website for the bike, dive, ATV and flashlight markets.

"Whether you're an ATV rider, a mountain biker, a scuba diver or a security professional, you've got similar requirements: you need the brightest, most rugged, most efficient portable lighting available," said Doug Rutan, Welch Allyn marketing manager. "Our new Solarc NGX technology is tailored for these users; it outperforms previous HID lamps and competitive LED systems. We're confident it'll reinforce the dominance of HID technology for even the most demanding applications."

Twice as Bright

With its 1000-lumen capability, Solarc NGX offers users daylight-quality light that punches far into the distance. In fact, it's twice as bright as previous Solarc technology and it has a sharper beam. This means a 24-hour mountain biker who's equipped with Solarc NGX could see further down the trail, through their safe riding and stopping zone, and well beyond.

Twice as Rugged

Solarc NGX holds up to the shock and vibration typical in adventure sports environments. Since it's twice as rugged as the first-generation Solarc technology, it's especially ideal for ATV lights in punishing off-road conditions and for extreme biking and scuba diving where resilience is critical.

Twice as Efficient

Twice as efficient as previous Solarc technology, Solarc NGX gives lighting manufacturers more options. This means that products equipped with it could boast twice the battery life, twice the brightness, or a smaller battery than earlier generations. So divers with the latest NGX lights could see farther in a wreck or cave, could stay submerged longer, or take advantage of a lighter equipment load.

Solarc in Top Product Lines

Lights featuring Solarc technology are being released for the 2009 season by top sports and handheld equipment manufacturers, including NiteRider (, Dive Lights International (, Dive Rite (, Underwater Kinetics (, Green Force (, Halcyon ( and Jet Lites (, among others.

Jack Gresmer, NiteRider president said, "When it became pretty evident that the LEDs were going to be able to compete with the HIDs, we told Welch Allyn that these are the things that you need to do. You need to make the light brighter, you need to make it more resilient, you need a faster startup and it needs to be more efficient. And they responded with all of those things."

Jerry Murphy, product manager for Dive Rite, said, "We're using Solarc technology in our lights primarily because it's the leading edge.... Its brightness and its efficiency are far superior. Its reliability is second to none. Welch Allyn's excellent products make our products look far better."

About Welch Allyn Lighting Products

Welch Allyn Lighting Products makes high-performance lighting devices and technology for professional users and original equipment manufacturers. We offer some of the industry's highest quality and innovative off-the-shelf and custom lighting solutions. Our mission is to ensure our products and services will enhance our professional users' effectiveness and provide our OEMs with a competitive performance advantage. For more information about Welch Allyn Lighting Products, please go to

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