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Brite-Strike Tactical Receives
Solar Product Patent

Awarded US Patent No. 7,350,692, for a Solar Powered Mailbox/Driveway Lamp

Brite-Strike Tactical Illumination Products, Inc. Press Release - 10/6/2008
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Brite-Strike 'Tactical Balls'

Brite-Strike 'Tactical Balls'

KINGSTON, Ma. - Brite-Strike Tactical Illumination Products, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: BSTI) announced today that it and Glenn Bushee, President of the Company, were awarded US Patent No. 7,350,692, for a Solar Powered Mailbox/Driveway Lamp.

The product, the first commercial product the company has developed which utilizes LED lighting powered exclusively by small solar panels, will be introduced in 2009. The Company plans on developing and distributing products which have the potential to revolutionize the use of LED lighting in this country, through a wholly owned division, Brite-Strike Technologies.

"This product will be our first entry that marries the energy efficiency of LED light with the portability of solar," said Glenn Bushee, President of Brite-Strike. "The technology we developed for our revolutionary tactical flashlights has direct applications for many lighting applications, as we can produce a light far brighter than those currently available in the marketplace. LED lights only use 5% of the equivalent energy of incandescent lights, with almost no heat, so developing products utilizing this technology can make major inroads in cutting energy consumption in this country. Our first product will be of the highest quality, and will function as a driveway lamp with mailbox light, address number lights, and an optional motion-activated light with camera-all powered by solar, with no external wiring required. It will offer incredible value for the consumer. We have other more significant products which we are working on, which will be announced in the weeks to come," said Mr. Bushee.

About Brite-Strike Tactical Illumination Products, Inc.

Brite-Strike Tactical Illumination Products, Inc. was started by two police officers to create world-class tactical LED flashlights that had the features that police officers and citizens need to keep them safe. Brite-Strike makes a promise to always use the latest technology, world-class components, highest design and manufacturing standards, so consumers can rely on Brite-Strike products when they are needed. For more information on the Brite-Strike product line, please visit: Law Enforcement and military personnel are eligible for discount pricing. Contact Customer Service at or (781)585-5509 for further details.

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