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6500 Lumen Portable
Battery Operated LED Area Light

IL-001 is a reliable light for outdoor operation in the darkness

Speedy Technology Ltd Press Release - 10/10/2008
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6,500 Lumen portable battery operated LED area light

6,500 Lumen portable battery operated LED area light

HONG KONG - Speedy Technology Ltd (Speedy) just launches the world's first 6,500 Lumen portable battery operated LED area light (IL-001). Thanks to latest LED technology, its 36pcs 2.5W High power LED light source is as bright as 500W halogen lamp.

Because IL-001 led light equipped killer features for its total weight is less than 5kg, size is as compact as a 15" portable computer, powered by rechargeable lithium battery and water resistant design, IL-001 is a reliable light for outdoor operation in the darkness.

IL-001 LED light can be used as portable light for blackout & emergency in hospital, TV Station, Shopping Arcade and Factory; station light for repair and maintenance in oil refinery plant, boiler room, aircraft and vessel; wide area light for indoor work in studio, electric Installation, renovation and theatre; and strong light for outdoor operation in construction, photo shooting, searching and rescue.

IL-001 special features:

Ergonomic Design
-- The light can stand alone and additional fixtures are not required.
-- Flippable cover provides strong protection for carry and transportation.
-- Carry handle for carrying convenience

Multi-level Light Intensity
-- 8-level of adjustable light intensity and 7 blinking speed.
-- Ultra mode (90W) as bright as 500W Halogen Lamp.
-- Long Life mode can last for more than 100 hours.

Intelligent Power Management
-- Low battery power status indication.
-- Intelligent power low reminder: light will flash for 1 minute to alert users before battery runs out.

Light, Rugged and Water Resistant
-- Light aluminum housing provides excellent mechanical strength.
-- Compact briefcase design, easy to carry and install.
-- Water-resistant for undesirable outdoor environment.

Speedy suggested that the price for IL-001 is around half price of similar high power LED light in the market. Speedy is looking for ODM customer for IL- 001.

About Speedy Technology Limited

Speedy Technology Limited, founded by several experience experts in lighting industry, specializes in design and manufacturing of battery operated LED lighting products. Speedy provides complete turnkey solutions including design, tooling fabrication, production, assembly and packaging to ODM and OEM customers over hundreds of foreign countries around the world.

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