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CR123A Battery Holder Utilizes
Open Frame Design

The Latest Addition to Bulgin's Large Range of Battery Holders is an Open Frame Style for CR123A Size Cells

Bulgin Components PLc Press Release - 10/21/2008
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Open Frame Style for CR123A Size Cells

Open Frame Style for CR123A Size Cells

BARKING ESSEX, United Kingdom - The latest addition to Bulgin's large range of battery holders is an open frame style for CR123A size cells.

First designed for equipment requiring extended life in high drain applications such as LED torches, film cameras and digital cameras, the characteristics of this high power, light weight cell make it an ideal choice for applications such as Zigbee where space could be at a premium and extended life with a distinct requirement for sleepy nodes is required.

The BX0123 is designed for single CR123A cell accommodation with base or PCB mounting. Two fixing holes are provided for base mounting and PC spills for PCB mounting.

Moulded in glass filled nylon with nickel silver contacts the battery holder has an operating temperature of -30°C to +70°C.

About Bulgin Components

Bulgin is one of the electronics industry's longest-running success stories. After more than 80 years trading, the Bulgin name is familiar and trusted worldwide. Many of our components have gained the status of industry standards. You don't achieve that kind of record by standing still - least of all today, when new developments and challenges appear in the blink of an eye. Bulgin aims to stay ahead by continuing to offer new products in response to market needs.

Our major customers, whether distributors or OEMs, rightly demand the highest achievable standards of quality and service, and we continually review our operations to ensure we meet or exceed expectations.

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