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Princeton Tec Press Release - 10/28/2008
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Princeton Tec Amp 5 Flashlight

BORDENTOWN, N.J. - Can too much light be a bad thing? Maybe if you're trying to get some ZZZs, watch the latest blockbuster flick or catch a glimpse of the elusive nocturnal African Aardvark while on safari. But, not if you're exhausted trying to find a backcountry campsite, caving 339 feet below Earth, fixing a flat tire at night in the middle of North Dakota or pushing through the dark during a rugged 24-hour race.

In these situations, an Amp is all you need. The new Princeton Tec Amp Series handheld lights are just that ... Amped. Amped on burntime. Amped on brightness. Amped on keeping you lit.

So, why is a long burntime critical? Because without it your well-planned expedition might turn into a mini epic. A longer burntime and longer lasting handheld takes the worry out of asking yourself such questions like, "Do we need to navigate by the stars" or "Can I use the light to go to the bathroom." You'll have all the light you need, plus more.

With the four new models offering a whopping combined burntime of more than 400 continuous hours, having an Amp in your lighting quiver means darkness never exist. Boasting more than six days of continuous burntime, the Amp 5.0 (65 lumens/160 hours) and Amp 4.0 (50 lumens/150 hours) , the Clydesdales of the series, feature revolutionary Rebel LED technology that offers twice the brightness, twice the efficiency and a longer shelf life compared to standard high watt LEDs on the market.

The lower-profile Amp 3.0 (40 lumens/90 hours) and Amp 1.0 (14 lumens/3 hours) weigh-in with a total burntime of more than 90 continuous hours and are ideal for any activity that requires minimal weight and maximum brightness. With 90 hours of precious burntime, the Amp 3.0 features four new Ultrabright Nichia LEDs that provide 30-percent greater output than regular 5 mm LEDs and a wide beam for maximum peripheral lighting. The Amp 1.0 offers the power of a Xenon bulb in a tiny package with a convenient carabiner attachment loop. All Amps are waterproof, utilize super-secure rubber grips and can run on rechargeable batteries.

Can you go for 160 continuous hours? If not, it's good to know your light will.

About Princeton Tec:

Since 1975, Princeton Tec's goal has been to support the outdoor community by building lighting products for the people who use them. Our products are designed to enhance all outdoor activities, crossing the boundaries from scuba and water sports; to camping and backpacking; to snow sports; alpine sports and road biking. For more information on Princeton Tec, visit or contact Keith Cozzens at Base Camp Communications, or 307-734-7575.

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