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Princeton Tec Dive Lights
Get Brighter For 09

New 2009 line of dive lights features the brightest LEDs available today

Princeton Tec Press Release - 11/6/2008
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Amp 1.0 handheld light

Amp 1.0 handheld light

BORDENTOWN, N.J. - Ponds, lakes, rivers, oceans - we've tested our lights in all of them. Although some of our liquid testing grounds have been clearer, murkier, warmer and colder than others, the one recurring element we learned is that if you don't have a bright light while submerged you might as well stay above water.

Let's face it, besides having enough air on your back - assuming you're not Houdini - the next most important thing is having a reliable, super-bright light. Enter our new 2009 dive light line.

Diving in stride with technology (and sometimes ahead), our new 2009 line of dive lights features the brightest LEDs available today. Due to evolving light technology in the dive industry, we have revamped our Shockwave LED, Miniwave LED and Torrent LED handheld lights to burn twice as bright and twice as long compared to older models.

Expanding from 170 lumens to 400, the 3-Maxbright Shockwave LED is the industry leader in dive lights and features 20 hours of burntime down to 330 feet. Besides delivering unprecedented brightness and color temperature for realistic colors underwater, the Shockwave's three LEDs can burn for over 10,000 hours without replacement. As a matter of fact, the low setting on the new Shockwave is now brighter than the high setting on the old Shockwave!

The little brother to the Shockwave LED, the Miniwave LED has been beefed up from 150 lumens to 337. Also featuring 3-Maxbright LEDs, the Miniwave has 10 hours of burntime, is half the weight of the Shockwave and features a perfect streamlined fit for a variety of diving options.

Boasting high performance in a small package, the upgraded Torrent LED jumps from 47 lumens to 95. With 1-Maxbright LED the Torrent features 30 hours of burntime and incorporates a locking switch that prevents accidental activation and can be used with any glove thickness.

Also new for 2009 is the 14 lumen Amp 1.0 handheld light. A small, bright, waterproof (to 330 feet) light with carabiner loop, the Amp 1.0 is a perfect back-up light. Secure it to your mask or clip it on your BCD, a small extra light can go a long way. Plus, it comes in a bright yellow - ideal for underwater pursuits.

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About Princeton Tec:

Since 1975, Princeton Tec's goal has been to support the outdoor community by building lighting products for the people who use them. Our products are designed to enhance all outdoor activities, crossing the boundaries from scuba and water sports; to camping and backpacking; to snow sports; alpine sports and road biking. For more information on Princeton Tec, visit or contact Keith Cozzens at Base Camp Communications, or 307-734-7575.

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