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Streamlight Warns of Potentially Hazardous Product
Model: ProPolymer 4AA LED

Streamlight Model ProPolymer 4AA LED flashlight may pose a risk for damage, burns or injury to persons

Streamlight, Inc. Press Release - 11/11/2008
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ProPolymer 4AA LED

ProPolymer 4AA LED

EAGLEVILLE, Pa. - Streamlight, Inc., Eagleville PA. U.S.A. is notifying consumers and commercial users that the Streamlight Model ProPolymer 4AA LED flashlight may pose a risk for damage, burns or injury to persons.

Name of Product: ProPolymer 4AA LED

Units: A known quantity, representing a limited number of 4AA LED flashlights, bearing the UL and cUL Mark, shipped to the field from 2002-07-11 to 2007-04-24.

This notice concerns NEW; unused, product ONLY.

Manufacturer: Streamlight Inc., 30 Eagleville Rd., Eagleville PA 19403 U.S.A.

Date of Manufacture: Units manufactured prior to May 2007, as identified by purchase date. Unpackaged, unused product can be identified by a date code (mmyy) on a flat area in the threaded portion of the battery housing under the facecap.

Hazard: Several units have become hot upon initial use causing smoke, charring and melting of components and the plastic enclosure which may result in a burn, fire or explosion hazard if occurring within a potentially hazardous atmosphere.

Identification: "STREAMLIGHT 4AA" (see photo) with "LED Modules 68221, 68222 and 68223" appearing on UL and cUL Listing panel shown on the reverse side. The flashlight uses four size "AA", 1.5 V alkaline or carbon zinc batteries and is approved for use in Class I, Division 1, Groups C and D; Class I, Division. 2, Groups A, B, C, and D; Class II, Division. 2, Groups F and G, and Class III, Hazardous (Classified) Locations.

Consumer Contact:

Streamlight Inc.
30 Eagleville Rd.
Eagleville PA. 19403 U.S.A.
(800) 523-7488 Toll-Free
Attn.: Mark Hahn

What You Should Do: Any unused inventory purchased prior to May 2007 should be returned to the factory address above for replacement.

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