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Solar Flashlight Doubles as
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Available for import with minimum order of 2,000 pieces; Delivery takes 20 days

Shenzhen Xinlingnan Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. Press Release - 11/11/2008
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Model XNL-810 from Shenzhen Xinlingnan

Model XNL-810 from Shenzhen Xinlingnan

SHENZHEN, China - Model XNL-810 from Shenzhen Xinlingnan Electronic Technology Co. Ltd is a solar flashlight that can also be used to charge mobile phones.

Housed in ABS and PS, the 13.1x7.8x4.2cm product has a white LED and a built-in FM radio. It bears the CE mark and meets RoHS requirements.

Packaging is one flashlight to a box.

Price and payment terms are given on inquiry. The minimum order is 2,000 pieces. Delivery takes 20 days.

Shenzhen Xinlingnan was founded in 1994. Its 5,000 sqm factory has a workforce of 500.

The company also offers novelty radios and rechargeable emergency lanterns. OEM orders are accepted.

Products are exported to the US, Europe, South Korea, Japan and Southeast Asia.

About Shenzhen Xinlingnan Electronic Technology Co. Ltd.

Here at Shenzhen Xinlingnan Electronic Technology Co. Ltd, we specialize in manufacturing emergency products designed for travelers who want to pack light. We offer you space-saving pillboxes, compact dynamo flashlights, forehead thermometer strips and UV-intensity meter cards. Our emergency lights with a crank radio and mobile phone charger are selling well in Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia.

20 new designs coming soon Our 10 R&D engineers with an average of five years of experience add one to three new products to our catalog every month. We are also scheduled to release 20 new items for the US and European markets over the next six months.

10-day delivery lead time Seven automatic production lines are housed at our 7,000-square-meter factory to handle your volume orders. With a monthly capacity of 200,000 units, we can deliver your orders in as fast as 10 days. All our products are CE approved and RoHS compliant.

Contact our English- and Japanese-speaking sales staff today and ask for free samples. We will reply to your inquiries in 12 hours.

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