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U.S. Forest Service in Partnership
With Call2Recycle

Participation provides convenient collection sites for local units and communities throughout U.S.

Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation Press Release - 11/25/2008
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Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation

Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation

ATLANTA, Ga. - U.S. Forest Service (USFS), an agency of the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the largest forestry research organization in the world, and Call2Recycle®, the nation's most comprehensive rechargeable battery and cell phone recycling solution, have partnered to provide all USFS units, and by extension their local communities, a convenient way to recycle rechargeable batteries.

Call2Recycle collection boxes will be located in approximately 500 USFS offices, allowing staff and local community members to reduce their environmental footprint by properly disposing of their used rechargeable batteries and old cell phones.

"With its efforts to protect our national forest resources, the U.S. Forest Service is already a leading environmental steward and an example for other federal agencies," said Carl Smith, Chief Executive Officer, RBRC. "By joining Call2Recycle, the agency is bolstering its environmental platform and engaging local communities to do something simple to protect the environment."

Call2Recycle provides a convenient way to collect and recycle the used rechargeable batteries found in cordless electronic products, such as cell phones, digital cameras, laptop computers, cordless power tools, two-way radios, mp3 players, cordless phones, PDAs and camcorders. With the addition of the USFS to its participant roster, Call2Recycle adds to the more than 50,000 enrolled collection sites throughout the U.S. and Canada where rechargeable batteries and cell phones can be recycled.

"Partnering with Call2Recycle is a natural alignment, as both our organizations are committed to improving sustainable operations and protecting the environment," said Susan Alden Weingardt, Partnership Coordinator, USFS, Rocky Mountain Region. "We can always be doing more to lessen our environmental impact; Call2Recycle will help strengthen our environmental efforts at a grassroots level.

Our mission has always been to care for the land and serve the community, and this partnership is an extension of that mission." USFS was established in 1905 to provide technical and financial assistance to state and private forestry agencies. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., USFS operates throughout nine geographical regions of the U.S. and manages public lands in national forests and grasslands, encompassing 193 million acres.

For more information and local Call2Recycle collections sites, call toll-free 877-2-RECYCLE or visit

About RBRC

The Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation (RBRC) is a nonprofit, public service organization dedicated to rechargeable battery recycling. There are more than 50,000 retail, business and community collection locations enrolled in RBRC's rechargeable battery recycling program through throughout the United States and Canada. RBRC is funded by more than 350 manufacturers and marketers of portable rechargeable batteries and products. RBRC's public education campaign and recycling program is the result of the rechargeable power industry's commitment to conserve natural resources and prevent rechargeable batteries from entering the solid waste stream. In pursuit of its mission, RBRC also collects old cell phones. Cell phones collected through the Call2Recycle® program will be recycled or refurbished and resold when possible with a portion of the proceeds benefiting select charities. Contributions or gifts to RBRC are not tax deductible.

For more information, call 877-2-RECYCLE or visit

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