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Green Energy Could Replace
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Moixa Energy expects Re-Usable Batteries and Green Energy to become 'safe haven' new currencies in a volatile market

Moixa Energy Press Release - 11/25/2008
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USBCell recharging

USBCell recharging in USB hub

LONDON, United Kingdom - Moixa Energy, the renewable energy specialist, believes the global recession provides significant opportunities for the rapid adoption of Green Energy and sustainable products - helping nations and consumers save money and reduce environmental/C02 damage.

Consumers could insulate themselves from rising energy prices, volatility and risk in deposits, currencies and shares by spending money today on Green and sustainable energy solutions that can go on providing low cost and renewable energy in the future, whatever the markets or economy do.

Our Moixa Energy invented 'USBCELL' rechargeable batteries are a great example of a product you can buy now and carry on re-using hundreds of times - simply by recharging them in USB ports on computers or games stations, instead of spending hundreds of pounds on disposable alkaline batteries that are bad for your wallet and very bad for the environment on C02 and landfill waste.

USBCELL batteries are an example of numerous 'recession proofing' products, such as installing solar panels for free home electricity, home insulation to reduce heating, water filters to avoid buying plastic bottles of mineral water and low energy light bulbs.

In the Seventies everyone looked for 'local resilience' in building Green homes and self-sufficiency and labelling every light switch with 'Save-It Stickers', but the end of the then oil crises combined with the last 30 years of Financial 'Exuberance' has obscured the need for consumers to use products and energy more efficiently.

In fact - Moixa believes that green energy and re-usable products may become viable currencies in their own right - as consumers use/exchange them with neighbours. Solar powered homes in Germany already 'sell' energy to neighbours or back to the grid, and is more likely to become law in the UK given recent support by the UK Prime Minister for a 'Green Feed in Tariff'.

We have already seen recent examples of towns such as Lewes, Stroud or Totnes adopting 'local currencies' under the Transition movement - to build resilience in local farming and consumption, however, it is 'Energy that is the real currency' says Simon Daniel, CEO of Moixa Energy, that everyone needs and uses, so the ability to exchange power through batteries or spare renewable energy produced at home with each other, provides an everyday medium of exchange.

With the recent near total nationalization of the UK mortgage book, there is an unprecedented opportunity for social and environmental engineering - to strictly link new mortgage availability or mortgage relief to achieving green targets in household energy efficiency and waste reduction, and a significant opportunity for public works with sustainable principles at the core, be it in the new combined flood barrier and airport proposed in the Thames by the Mayor of London, new transport infrastructure, prisons or schools.

Overall climate change, peak oil pressure and the past few weeks of financial 'Tsunami', have demonstrated, even to gurus such as Alan Greenspan that there is no rebuilding or going back to the way the financial system was - we need a new global economic system that is more resilient with the environment and sustainability in energy and products at the heart.

There has perhaps never been a better time for investing and adopting green technology.

About Moixa Energy

Moixa Energy (, is a UK company based in London that pioneers better renewable energy for homes and sustainable portable power solutions.

In September 2008, Moixa Energy won the Barclays Commerical 'Green Leaders in Business' with Innocent, and was also selected as a top EU Cleantech 100 company, ( and also won a top global design award alongside Apple and Philips at Cebit this year.

USBCELL AA re-usable batteries (2-cell packs around £9.99) are stocked nationwide at stores such as Halfords, Currys, Comet, John Lewis, Dyas and leading eco-friendly and gadget sites online this Christmas.

Moixa R&D is working on a range of home energy solutions that provide low cost renewable energy for the mass market for every day devices, with significant developments to be available in 2009.

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