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LED High Bay
from Albeo Technologies

Delivers Maintenance-Free Lighting for Industrial/Commercial Users

Albeo Technologies Press Release - 11/25/2008
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LED Light Fixture suits high bay applications

LED Light Fixture suits high bay applications

BOULDER, Co. - Albeo Technologies released its Constellation series LED High Bay luminaire for industrial, commercial, warehouse and retail spaces. Albeo is the first LED light fixture manufacturer to make an LED fixture that combines the reliability of LED lighting with the fixture performance requirements for high-bay applications. Qualified customers can also try the fixtures in their facility under Albeo's new 60-day trial program.

Maintenance of high bay lighting is expensive: the lamps don't last long; they require a lift to service; and they are frequently placed over operating machinery, public areas, or sensitive material. The high cost of changing lamps and ballasts puts a premium on fixture longevity, and now the Constellation LED High Bay provides high bay performance with over 50,000 hours of operating life. When combined with Constellation's 20,000 lumen output and 360 watt maximum power consumption, the LED High Bay provides a compelling business case for one-for-one replacement of metal halide or high bay fluorescent fixtures. The economics of Constellation can be further enhanced with the use of the optional motion sensor or off-the-shelf daylight sensors.

"Solving our customers' energy, maintenance, and environmental problems drives Albeo's creative process," said Jeff Bisberg, CEO. "Our deep electro-optical design capabilities have allowed us to lead in the industrial LED marketplace with the first dedicated industrial high bay fixture. Our new trial program now enables customers to test this leading-edge solution and accurately evaluate the business case for a switch to LED lighting."

In addition to best-in-class performance and lifetime, Constellation High Bay customers will be able to enjoy the many associated benefits of LEDs, including:

LEDs run cooler than traditional fixture types, reducing air conditioner loads

LEDs are fully dimmable and compatible with various controls

LEDs contain no hazardous mercury, so they do not require recycling

LEDs are nearly unbreakable

LEDs are free of annoying flicker and buzz

LEDs are safer, operating on low voltage dc, with no glass or vacuum

Because LED lighting is new to general illumination, particularly high bay applications, Albeo has created a trial program for users to test the fixtures in their own building. The Albeo trial program allows customers to test a sample of fixtures for 60 days with no risk. For information on Albeo's lighting trial program, visit

For more information, product briefs, specifications, and trial program details, visit or call toll-free +1 (866) 825-5420.

Albeo Technologies Inc. manufactures high quality, long-lasting LED lighting products for commercial and industrial facilities that improve energy savings, reduce maintenance costs, and are safe and easy to install. Based on advanced electro-optic technologies, Albeo's reliable lighting fixtures provide superior performance at lower costs than competing technologies. Albeo's management team has decades of experience in solid-state product development and manufacturing, and continues to deliver new products that enable users to better control their total operating costs.

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