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Welch Allyn Introduces Next-Generation
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Solarc NGX Is Bright, Efficient, Rugged Illumination for Precision Industrial, Medical, Analytical Applications

Welch Allyn Lighting Products Press Release - 12/3/2008
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SKANEATELES, FALLS, N.Y. - Welch Allyn Lighting Products, a premier manufacturer of high-performance lighting and technology, introduces Solarc NGX, a new generation of portable, low-wattage, high-intensity discharge (HID), metal halide light sources.

Designed to produce high-quality, daylight-appearing light from a compact, rugged, efficient package, Solarc NGX sources are ideal for integration into devices ranging from portable endoscopes and borescopes to precision analytical equipment.

"Solarc NGX technology could allow new possibilities for low-wattage metal halide lighting in portable applications," said Doug Rutan, Welch Allyn marketing manager. "It's more efficient than previous-generation Solarc, so integrators get more than double the lumens per watt. It's more durable, so it can be used in even challenging industrial environments. And Solarc NGX products feature near technical lamp performance, meaning high color temperature from a bright source with consistent spot quality."

Solarc NGX devices consist of a lamp and ballast as small as 55 mm long, 35 mm diameter and weighing 63 grams. The ballast is configurable to either a 14-watt or 9.5-watt setting. The 14-watt product features 1000-lumen output, 6,900°K color temperature and a median lamp life of 350 hours. The 9.5-watt lamp features 500-lumen output, 13,700°K color temperature and a median lamp life of 700 hours.

Solarc NGX sources' unique characteristics provide lighting designers with new options over competitive technologies. For example, Solarc NGX technology provides a brighter, sharper beam of light than a multi-LED source. This enables portable lighting that throws daylight-quality illumination farther into the distance, or provides a near-ideal point source for precise illumination systems. Moreover, the technology is more efficient than high-wattage halogen. This could translate into Solarc NGX-based end-user products that feature higher-quality, more intense light with lower power consumption than has been available to date.

Solarc NGX products are constructed with high-quality materials for optimal light production, and held to precise dimensions to enable simple, repeatable integration. They are backed by Welch Allyn's world-class customer service and support.

To celebrate the release of Solarc NGX, the company has relaunched, a website for the bike, dive, ATV and flashlight markets.

About Welch Allyn Lighting Products:

Welch Allyn Lighting Products makes high-performance lighting devices and technology for professional users and original equipment manufacturers. We offer some of the industry's highest quality and innovative off-the-shelf and custom lighting solutions. Our mission is to ensure our products and services will enhance our professional users' effectiveness and provide our OEMs with a competitive performance advantage.

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