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Pelican Advanced Area Lighting Group
Unveils First Product

9430 Remote Area Lighting System available from and

Quickpro Gear, LLC Press Release - 12/3/2008
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9430 Remote Area Lighting System

9430 Remote Area Lighting System (RALS)

HYRUM, Ut. - Pelican™ formed its Advanced Area Lighting Group (AALG) this year to focus on bringing energy-efficient, sustainable LED lighting products to market. Now AALG's first product, the 9430 Remote Area Lighting System (RALS), is available from leading online Pelican products retailer Quickpro Gear, LLC (

Though the versatile, portable 9430 RALS weighs just 22 pounds, its 360-degree swivel mast telescopes to nearly three feet, throwing the light's 2,000 lumens over a wider area than other portable lamps can illuminate. The maintenance-free LED array -- which will provide reliable light for 50,000 hours of operation -- is powered by a 15-hour rechargeable battery.

"Incandescent light bulbs no longer cut it," stated Quickpro Gear's General Manager, Ben Miller. "They're fragile, inefficient and a symbol of the past. It's time for tough, versatile lights that are easier on the environment, and Pelican recognized that when establishing the AALG. We're extremely pleased to be carrying that organization's first product, which symbolizes Pelican's -- and Quickpro Gear's -- commitment to cleaner, better-performing lighting systems."

With polymer construction, a lightweight, tough polycarbonate lens and a water-resistant power switch, the 9430 is one of the most durable portable lighting systems available. The unit is available in black or yellow and features generous space around the handle for easy gripping and transport even when wearing thick gloves. Like all Pelican products, the 9430 RALS carries Pelican's legendary lifetime replacement guarantee.

"The 9430 RALS is a completely portable, high-performance light that can be trusted to illuminate work or rescue areas in all weather conditions," said Miller. "We're looking forward to offering more of Pelican's AALG products in the future."

About Quickpro Gear, LLC

Quickpro Gear, LLC is a proud distributor of some of the world's best cases and accessories. Whether you're looking for a tough hard-sided case or a soft-sided case, Quickpro Gear is here to help. With over 200 different models in stock, you'll be sure to find just the right case to meet your specific needs. Quickpro Gear also carries a large variety of accessories, ranging from camera straps to TSA-approved combination locks for both hard and soft cases. Along with cases, Quickpro Gear, LLC carries a variety of Pelican™ flashlights.

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