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Brunton Awarded for Innovation
in Portable Solar Power

Brunton recently won four distinguished awards in the portable solar power category

Brunton Press Release - 12/17/2008
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Brunton portable solar power

Brunton portable solar power

RIVERTON, Wy. - Brunton, industry leader in outdoor adventure gear, was awarded four different distinguished awards for its products in the portable solar power category. The noteworthy recognition iterates Brunton's dedication to quality and innovation and confirms the company is the industry leader in the portable power category.

"We're elated top be recognized for this category. We're also excited by the progress we've made educating our consumers on the capabilities of these products, said Brunton Brand Manager, Jason Kintzler. "It's a very good sign for the future of camping."

The four awards were all received independently from the following distinguished magazines:

* Field & Stream, Best of the Best Award, Solo 15

* Men's Journal, Gear of the Year, Solo 3.4

* GQ Magazine, Best Stuff for the Year 2008, Solo 7.5

* Gray's Sporting Journal, Gray's Best, Solaris 12 Portable Solar Panel

Brunton will continue to expand its offering in the portable power category.

"We've got big plans to continue to modernize camping and offer people more renewable power technology to keep them safe and comfortable while they're outside," said Portable Power Category Manager, Jason Michelotti.


Men's Journal Gear of the Year

Field & Stream Best of the Best

GQ: Best Stuff of 2008

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