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Light Festival Sparkles
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A White Night in Seoul?

Hi Seoul Winter Light Festival 2008 Press Release - 1/6/2009
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SEOUL, South Korea - Of course, it's not a white night like in areas of high altitude such as Nordic countries or Russia when sunsets are late, sunrises are early and darkness is never complete. A new version of "white night" is unfolding against the white glow in downtown Seoul this winter, creating a mesmerizing scene for expatriates in particular.

The Winter Festival, which is part of the Hi Seoul Festival under the theme of "light" will be held until February 18, 2009, creating a white night scenery of grandeur.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government will install a line of light bulbs with white lights over 345 trees on the 4-km boulevards for both Sejong-ro and Taepyeong-ro (Gwanghwamun - Sungryemuun), creating a romantic nightscape "unlike a night scene." Moreover, major landmark buildings in Seoul Plaza and Cheonggyecheon will wear "the silvery apparels" under the color theme of "silvery white."

The Christmas season downtown before and after the D-day is even more glistening and glittering. The illumination all over the buildings and surroundings of department stores, hotels and entertainment facilities comes in a myriad of pictures with different colors. They are small light bulbs upon a close look, but from afar, they look like Santa Clauses, cute little snowmen and snow flowers and even patterns of geometric shapes reminiscent of a stained glass.

Lights will also brighten the Seoul Plaza Outdoor Skating Rink, which opened on December 12 equipped with lots of attractions including chairs decorated with light, LED sleds, igloos and a light tower. This year, the Seoul Plaza Outdoor Skating Rink consists of a main skating rink twice as large as last year's, and a children's skating rink only for children. Add to that, even the path connecting the main rink and the children's rink is made of rice to offer a unique spectacle.

The oval-shaped rink of 1500 m2 is always crowded with skaters amid the magnificent glow even in cold weather.

Cheonggye Plaza will present the LED-based silvery white screen and snow white streets while the "Laser Video Show" will unfold from December 15, both upstream and downstream of Gwanggyo where the lights will dance along with people's movements.

The laser show will be accompanied by the tunnel fountain and the screen fountain on the upstream of Gwanggyo to create a "Digital Canvas" with various forms of images. The "Digital Garden" will, as a part of the laser show attract pedestrians as videos will be played on the screen on the retaining wall of Gwanggyo upstream to show changing images according to visitors' body movement.

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