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Water-Resistant Head Lamp Works
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Product has a white XP-E Cree LED that can be dimmed to 10 percent output; available for import

Favour Light Enterprises Ltd. Press Release - 1/6/2009
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Model HLC-113A Headlamp

Model HLC-113A Headlamp

HONG KONG, S.A.R. - Favour Light Enterprises Ltd has introduced model HLC-113A, a head lamp featuring flood- and spotlight functions.

The product has a white XP-E Cree LED that can be dimmed to 10 percent output, and 5mm diodes in blue, red and green. Its housing, which comes in white, black or orange, is resistant to water. Control buttons are found on top.

Measuring 63x50x44mm, the 96g device runs on three 1.5V AAA alkaline batteries.

Clamshell packaging is utilized.

Price, minimum order requirement and payment terms are provided on inquiry. Delivery is within 45 days.

Favour was established in 1970. The company has a 1,500-worker factory in Guangdong province, mainland China.

Camping lanterns and clip-on lights are also offered.

About Favour Light Enterprises Ltd.

Favour Light is one of the world's largest flashlight manufacturers. Starting up as a parts provider in 1970, we have grown rapidly into a key player in the global illumination market.

At Favour Light, we strive for product excellence. It is our relentless pursuit of 'even better' that has been driving our evolution, from a maker of traditional tungsten lights into a pioneer of LED-based illumination systems. In the mean time, our portfolio of practical plastic torches has expanded to embrace new lines of premium aluminium lights.

When designing lights, we don't think of unrealistic ultra-powerful lights. We focus on pradctical general-purpose lights for personal use at extremely competitive prices. We shed light in useful and convenient forms even before the users demand it, thanks to our ingenious team of architects with an average 20 years of professional experience and expertise.

For more information, visit the company's web site at:

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