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DPI, Inc. Press Release - 1/7/2009
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WeatherX WR209 Flashlight

WeatherX WR209 Flashlight and AM/FM Radio

LAS VEGAS, Nv. - WeatherX, the premier manufacturer of a complete line of emergency safety consumer electronic products, and a brand division of Digital Products International (DPI, Inc.), will be demonstrating its newest products in booth #10436 at this year's 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The WF109 lantern radio and WR209 flashlight radio are the latest in the line of lifesaving emergency products from WeatherX.

"Recent events continue to show us just how valuable and necessary these products are," said Bill Fetter, CEO of DPI, Inc. "With our two new units, we wanted to provide as much functionality as we could at a price that every family and business would find acceptable."

At only $24.99, the WF109 lantern/radio is a must-have unit, equipped with a full set of life saving features. The unit is a portable, fully equipped emergency device that doubles as a home or travel lighting solution and information gathering tool. The unit's ultra bright, 7-LED lantern also carries an on-board LED flashlight for all situations. For emergency information gathering and instructions, the unit's AM/FM radio with weather band, operates with a NiCD battery, from a regular AA battery backup, or with a dynamo power hand crank for perpetual use and extended power failures. The lantern/radio has emergency flash and siren functions for signaling position or alerting search or rescue teams, and a compass. In addition, the compact unit services as a mobile phone charger for cell phones and USB devices.

The WR209 flashlight and AM/FM radio with 7-channel weather band, retailing for only $29.99, is also a full-featured emergency tool. The compact radio and lamp unit is equipped with mobile phone charging and a fold down carrying handle for portability. The 5-LED lamp can be used as a flashlight or lantern for brightness and portability in any conditions. For dependability, the WR209 is AC/DC powered, has standard rechargeable battery operation, and has a dynamo hand crack for lengthy power-off situations. The new emergency unit has an easy-to-read alarm clock and a loud emergency siren for warning or signaling.

Both the WF109, and the WR209 are available at retailers and emergency equipment providers nationwide.

Environmental Commitment 'Protect for Today and Sustain for Tomorrow'

This year's CES marks the official launch of DPI, Inc.'s corporate campaign for a greener and cleaner world. DPI and its four brands, iLive, WeatherX, Capri, and GPX, are building upon environmental initiatives introduced at all of their facilities to help formulate and sustain significant and important conservation efforts within its manufacturing and marketing communities. In addition to targeting and selecting energy efficient product features, and structuring 'green office' procedures, other initial program efforts include:

* reduction of all packaging sizes
* recyclable plastics for clamshell packages, with a plan to eventually replace plastic with recyclable paper
* recycled fiber board in place of the polyfoam in packing boxes.

About WeatherX and DPI, Inc.

Weather X is a brand division of the Digital Products International (DPI, Inc.) family of consumer electronic products. The WeatherX products constitute an exclusive line of fully featured, value, specialty items created for use during emergencies such as weather events and natural disasters, but with enough flexibility to serve as additional entertainment electronics for daily family use. Visit the Weather X information and web site at

DPI, Inc.'s corporate headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri houses its engineering, logistics and design groups as well as 190,000 square feet of domestic warehouse space. DPI, Inc. also has offices in Asia that provide engineering, design, logistics, quality control, and global product management services. Currently, DPI, Inc. is the corporate umbrella for the brands iLive, GPX, Capri, and WeatherX. DPI and its group of companies have formed an environmentally responsible alliance with a commitment to the development of energy efficient products, and innovative and responsible green programs designed to protect for today and sustain for tomorrow. For more information on DPI, Inc. and its products and services, visit

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