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Q5 Triple Duty Cree®LED Tactical Flashlight

Shed Some Light on Any Situation with the Sightmark Q5 Triple Duty Cree® LED Tactical Flashlight Kit

Sightmark Press Release - 1/14/2009
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Sightmark Q5 Triple Duty

Sightmark Q5 Triple Duty

MANSFIELD, Tx. - Sightmark has released the most powerful flashlight in its class, the Q5 Triple Duty. It is the new flagship of Sightmark flashlights. Sightmark's Q5 Triple Duty Flashlight utilizes the best in LED technology with the use of an XR-E Cree® LED connected to a DC-DC regulated circuit to produce an extremely bright and smooth light beam.

The Q5 Triple Duty creates a blazing 280 lumens of light for over 90 minutes of continuous operation. After the maximum power output time has been expended, the circuit regulates the (2) CR-123A battery power supply to provide hours of additional light at reduced lumens, so operators are not left in the dark.

The Q5 will operate continuously for over 24 hours, getting the operator out of the longest nights. The Q5 was designed to put out more lumens than your traditional (2) D-cell flashlight while maintaining a manageable size, measuring a hair over 5" long and 1.25" wide at its widest point with a base of 1".

The Q5 Triple Duty Flashlight comes with all of the accessories needed for a high-end tactical flashlight; including a push-button end cap, touch activated pressure pad, lanyard, removable clip, three-prong glass breaking ring (which can be replaced with a flat ring) and batteries. Also found in the package is a off-set Weaver rail compatible weapons mount that allows easier activation of the flashlight due to the ergonomic design. Additionally, the off-set mount gives the user the ability to mount a laser sight, or another accessory, to the same rail. The weapons mount has a recoil pin built in which reinforces recoil resistance. The Q5 will stand up to recoil due to its light emitting diode not having a filament that could shatter or burn out.

Completely versatile as to be used in a variety of environments, the Q5 Triple Duty Flashlight can handle the hot temperature of desert climates, while remaining impermeable in wet climates, due to being O-ring sealed for waterproof operation. The Q5 Triple Duty is made to be used and abused. It is crafted from aircraft grade aluminum with Type-II mil-spec anodizing, a material that was specifically selected for its strength-to-weight properties. The Q5 is strong, but light enough to carry into any tactical situations.

Sightmark products are inspired by military and law enforcement applications. All of Sightmark's products are produced to be the most effective weapon accessories possible. Sightmark offers a wide range of manufactured products that include red dot scopes, range finders, riflescopes, flashlights, laser sights and award winning boresights. Sightmark takes pride in bringing the highest quality tactical, hunting and shooting accessories to the shooting enthusiast.

Sightmark is headquartered in Mansfield, TX U.S.A. For more information on Sightmark's products, log on to Please contact Bobby Owen at 817.225.0310 for any additional information.

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