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Energizer Takes Zinc Air
Battery Technology to a New Form

Introduces a Thinner and Much More Powerful Battery at CES

Energizer Holdings, Inc. Press Release - 1/14/2009
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Energizer Zinc Air Batteries

Energizer Zinc Air Batteries

LAS VEGAS, Nv. - As the Consumer Electronics Show begins and the world gets a look at the next generation of consumer devices, Energizer is unveiling a new battery to power many of those devices. The Energizer® Zinc Air Prismatic battery will offer OEMs greater design flexibility, while providing greater run times or enabling smaller devices.

Zinc Air Prismatic batteries use the same zinc air technology that is used in hearing aid batteries, in which zinc reacts with oxygen in the air to generate power. The battery offers high energy density as well as a thin form factor. Product innovations include a new 5 mm thin prismatic (rectangular) construction, with the highest energy density of any consumer portable power solution (either disposable or rechargeable) resulting in up to three times (3X) more runtime compared to similarly sized alkaline or lithium ion batteries.

"This is a new and innovative battery that will appeal to OEM designers that are raising the bar for smaller, lighter and thinner devices," said Jon Eager, Energizer Director for OEM Marketing. "We have been working with our OEM partners for several years to refine this battery technology for use in a variety of portable consumer electronic devices and in the coming year we will start production."

Compared to lithium ion rechargeable batteries, Zinc Air Prismatic offers much lower cost for the OEM, a similar thin form factor, and also eliminates the need for charge circuitry and a charging device. This is in addition to the up to three times (3X) advantage in runtime in similar sized batteries.

The Zinc Air Prismatic battery uses oxygen from the air as an energy source to provide power and is designed with air access holes which are sealed with a tab until the consumer is ready to use the battery. One of the keys to fully utilizing the high energy density of this system is effectively managing the air access to the battery to optimize performance.

Energizer is developing simple and cost effective air management solutions to enable the use of this battery technology in a wide range of portable electronic devices. This is one of the significant breakthroughs that Energizer has made in this technology that now makes it an attractive solution for OEM's. Energizer will be holding OEM design seminars in 2009 to provide device designers with the knowledge they need to utilize Zinc Air Prismatic in their new devices.

"We are excited about the opportunity to bring a new and innovative portable power solution to market to meet the needs of the new generation of portable electronic devices," said Eager. "Through patient research and development, conversations with consumers, and collaboration with our OEM and retail partners, we are setting the stage for success for this exciting new portable power solution."

Consumer reaction to the new Energizer Zinc Air Prismatic battery has been very positive, recognizing it as a new, superior battery compared to current products. They see key benefits including its smaller size, longer life, and ability to power smaller and lighter devices.

Media and OEMs interested in learning more about Energizer® Zinc Air Prismatic at CES should call Stevie Lewis at 314-852-3293 to schedule a briefing in the Energizer meeting room in the North Hall of the Convention Center.

The Energizer® Zinc Air Prismatic launch is a global effort designed to increase the product device design around the battery. Energizer® Zinc Air Prismatic will be manufactured in the U.S.A. For technical product information please visit

About Energizer:

Energizer Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: ENR),, headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, is one of the world's largest manufacturers of primary batteries, battery-powered devices and flashlights. Energizer, a global leader in the dynamic business of providing portable power geared toward the new digital age, offers a full portfolio of products including the Energizer® MAX® premium alkaline brand; Energizer® Ultimate Lithium; Energizer® Advanced Lithium and Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) Rechargeable batteries and chargers; and miniatures brand batteries.

The Energizer product line also includes specialty batteries for hearing aids and medical devices, as well as for keyless remote entry systems, toys and other uses. Through its flashlight unit, Energizer brings innovation to this important household device. Energizer continues its role as a technology leader with Energizer® Energi To Go®, a portable battery-driven power packs for cell phones.

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