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mPhase Prepared to Select Manufacturer
for AlwaysReady Reserve Battery

mPhase Close to Selecting Contractor to Manufacture Reserve Battery for AlwaysReady Emergency Flashlight

mPhase Technologies, Inc. Press Release - 1/22/2009
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AlwaysReady Reserve Battery

AlwaysReady Reserve Battery

LITTLE FALLS, N.J. - mPhase Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: XDSL) is close to selecting a manufacturer to construct the AlwaysReady Reserve Battery that will be used in the AlwaysReady Emergency Flashlight. mPhase has received bids for the contract from several companies over the last few months.

The AlwaysReady Reserve Battery is a manually activated lithium reserve cell with a minimum storage life prior to activation of 20 years. Once activated, the AlwaysReady Reserve Battery will provide equivalent performance to a conventional 3 volt lithium primary battery used in portable electronic applications today.

"The selection of a manufacturer puts us one step closer to a revenue-producing product," said mPhase CEO Ron Durando. "We will need to select a top quality manufacturer in order to produce a reliable product that will clearly satisfy the requirements needed for emergency applications."

The AlwaysReady Emergency Flashlight has a unique design and will also include additional functionalities that have never before been included on a flashlight. In addition to the AlwaysReady Emergency Flashlight, mPhase is building on recent improvements to the Smart NanoBattery that is being developed for the United States Army STTR Program. A recent breakthrough will result in a higher manufacturing yield once the battery is in mass production.

About mPhase Technologies, Inc. and AlwaysReady, Inc.

mPhase Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: XDSL), through its wholly owned subsidiary AlwaysReady, Inc., is focused on developing and commercializing a new battery technology based on a well-patented phenomenon known as electrowetting, which provides a unique way to store energy and manage power that will revolutionize the battery industry.

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