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SolLight Introduces SoliCharger
Solar iPhone Charger

Now You Can Charge Your iPhone Anywhere!

Simply Brilliant, LLC. Press Release - 1/28/2009
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SOLiCharger™ Solar iPhone Charger

SOLiCharger™ Solar iPhone Charger

HOOD RIVER, Or. - The SOLiCharger™ is the essential accessory for any iPhone® or iTouch® fanatic. This tiny, lightweight (just 1.4oz - 40 grams) Lithium-ion battery pack slips sleekly onto any iPhone to provide up to a 50% charge (enough for several hours of use). No cords or adapters to forget, lose or break: the SOLiCharger plugs directly into your iPhone.

Best of all, the SOLiCharger can be charged up quickly and easily in any of four ways:

* Directly from the 110v Apple'® USB charging cord
* Directly from any 12v Apple compatible car charger
* Directly from your computer via the Apple/USB cord
* Directly from the SUN - free solar power!

Simply plug in the SOLiCharger to an iPhone charging cord and it will fully charge in under two hours. You can even plug it into your phone and charge both at the same time. Whenever your iPhone runs low on power, simply plug the SOLiCharger into the phone and it will immediately begin charging the phone. You can still use your phone while it's charging.

If there's no power source available, no problem! The SOLiCharger has a built-in solar panel on the back side that will fully charge it in just four hours of sunshine. You can even charge the SOLiCharger in the sun while it is attached to your phone.

The SOLiCharger is great for traveling. Bring it along on camping trips or long plane flights when there isn't power available. No more worries about losing or breaking your charger, no matter where you are. The SOLiCharger is perfect for use in foreign countries and remote locations. The built-in LEDs let you know when it's charging, when it's full, and when it's supplying power to your phone. Simple and tough, the internal high-capacity Lithium-ion battery will last for years of recharging.

You can also charge your iTouch'® and several of the smaller iPod'® models with the SOLiCharger. [Because of the large variety of different generation iPods, the SOLiCharger might not fit on all models.]

The SOLiCharger comes in either black or white, with a retail price of $39.95. It is only available on the SolLight website (

SolLight products are distributed by Simply Brilliant, LLC, an innovative design firm specializing in safe, US-designed, environmentally-friendly home, outdoor and marine products. For more information visit

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