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Snake Creek Lasers Introduces
Eye-Safe Collimated Illuminator

Laser-powered device offers new and unique illumination solutions

Snake Creek Lasers Press Release - 1/28/2009
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Prolight-G Laser Illuminator

Prolight-G Laser Illuminator

HALLSTEAD, Pa. - Snake Creek Lasers, a developer and manufacturer of advanced diode-pumped solid-state lasers, released today for sale the Prolight-G, a revolutionary rugged eye-safe laser illuminator that makes possible illumination and visualization of objects at distances beyond the reach of traditional incandescent bulb and LED-based flashlights. Compared to white-light sources, the monochromatic nature of the Prolight-G Illuminator also enables higher-resolution imaging.

"This new professional illuminator, for the first time, offers kilometer-range illumination solutions for law enforcement personnel, hunters, campers, and hikers" commented Dr. David Brown, Snake Creek's President and CTO. "At the same time, it's a far-reaching signaling device for any outdoor enthusiast in distress."

"Prolight-G offers installation and service personnel illumination of plumbing, electrical pipelines, air ducts, chimneys, crawl spaces, tanks, pipelines, or otherwise difficult to illuminate high-aspect ratio spaces" added Sten Tornegard, Marketing Manager. "Also, QC optical inspection personnel of optical surfaces will sharpen their view with Prolight-G."

Highly durable and water-resistant, the Prolight-G is constructed of machined and anodized aluminum. Prolight-G features a continuously-variable cone-angle setting to accommodate short-distance illumination tasks. The Prolight-G comes with push-button tail-cap switch, lanyard, one CR-123 Lithium battery, as well as Snake Creek's Limited-Lifetime Warranty. Prolight-G, patent-pending, is manufactured in the US and is the only laser illuminator in the world to provide certified eye-safe output over a large ambient temperature range.

Snake Creek Lasers is the US-based manufacturer of MicroGreen™ and MiniGreen™ Lasers, also known as the smallest and highest-power density diode-pumped solid-state lasers in the world respectively. For additional information about Snake Creek's new collimated illuminator, call (570) 879-4992 or visit

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