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AltusLumen Launches PAD-L
Weatherproof Portable LED Light

4-levels of light intensity can be adjusted and flashing mode can be set with one button

AltusLumen Press Release - 1/28/2009
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AltusLumen PAD-L

AltusLumen PAD-L Weatherproof Portable LED Light

TAMPA, Fl. - AltusLumen has just launched the latest PAD-L Weatherproof Portable LED Light. This lantern or torch features a swivel cover which acts as a stand for hands-free lighting. Multi-light intensity adjustable levels LED and water-resistant (not suitable for swimming or diving) construction, portable size makes PAD-L becomes an excellent companion for outdoor activities.

There is environmental friendly concern with the choice of material:

1. The main housing is made of recycled and recyclable aluminum and polycarbonate.

2. PAD-L is over 75 % recyclable at the end of its useful life.

3. LED is 40% more power efficient and 10 times more durable than fluorescent bulb.

4. Multiple function and durable construction to give longer utility to the user.

4-levels of light intensity can be adjusted and flashing mode can be set with one button. Multi-light intensity adjustment can help to save energy if not too powerful light is required. Additional flashing mode can help the user to make alerts to others when they are in trouble during outdoor activities.

PAD-L is a excellent outdoor lighting tool because of its weather-proof design. This portable light can work under undesirable outdoor environments like raining and water splashing.

PAD-L is powered by replaceable AAA(4) batteries and can use rechargeable batteries (recommended). Battery can last up to 100 hours. PAD-L adopts intelligent power management, red led battery indicator will flash when battery level is low. The light will also flash for one minute before battery runs out.

PAD-L allows users to insert it in the pouch or backpack; leaving the light to stand alone with built-in stand or swivel aluminum cover. PAD-L can be hung with a string to light up garden or the place for barbecue, camping. It is also excellent lighting tool for traveling and hiking, fishing, cycling, photo shooting, and emergency preparedness.

PAD-L is perfect to carry for its light weight- 98grams without batteries and portable size 115 x 66 x 17mm.

Suggested retail price: USD $39.90. For more information, please visit or send email to

About AltusLumen

AltusLumen is one of the first brands to integrate the sustainable concept into LED portable lighting. Four engineers working in this field for several years combined their expertise and new technology to produce eco-efficient and eco-effective LED lights. AltusLumen strives to be tomorrow's business and make positive contributions not only economically but also socially and environmentally.

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