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CML-IT Announces Light-Line™
New LED Strip Light!

18" linear module is extremely easy to use and install

CML Innovative Technologies Press Release - 2/4/2009
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Light-Line™ LED Strip Lighting

Light-Line™ LED Strip Lighting

HACKENSACK, N.J. - CML Innovative Technologies introduces their new environmentally-friendly LED strip light called Light-Line™. This 18" linear module is extremely easy to use and install. Using CML's Connect and Glow technology, all the user needs to do is supply 12V and the internal driver circuitry insures that the LEDs are supplied with the proper current to insure bright even illumination. These ROHS compliant, energy-efficient Light Strips have a long life of over 50,000 hours and are available in 2 colors "Cool White" and "Warm White". CML Light Strips offer the customers the advantage of reduced maintenance costs over conventional lamps, and have no IR or UV output radiation.

Perfect for any general illumination application including:

o Office

o Retail

o Home

o Under cabinet

o Signage

o Furniture

o Under seat

CML-IT also has the ability to offer custom designs to specific customer applications. For more information, please visit the website or call 201-708-6945.

About CML Innovative Technologies

CML Innovative Technologies provides its customers with miniature lighting components and LED solutions for a wide range of markets and applications. Working with light since 1910, CML Innovative Technologies is a major global player in its two business units, multi-market lighting and automotive lighting. CML is a leader in innovative LED lighting solutions and is committed to the design, production and distribution of miniature light source and lighting systems.

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