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New Holder for
Hexagonal Star Board LEDs

LED Pixel Holder works with LEDs rated up to 3 watts without forced air cooling

Tyco Electronics Press Release - 2/12/2009
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Star Board LED Pixel Holder from Tyco Electronics

Star Board LED Pixel Holder from Tyco Electronics

HARRISBURG, Pa. - The Star Board LED Pixel Holder from Tyco Electronics makes it fast and easy to integrate high-intensity LED packages into fixtures. The holder simplifies application by addressing electrical, thermal and mechanical needs in a single solution - without solder and without the complexity of engineering separate thermal, electrical, and mechanical subsystems.

Consisting of a cast aluminum heat sink, plastic locking ring and contact carrier, and tin-plated copper alloy contacts, the holder is available with a two-wire connection for single-color LEDs and four-wire connection for RGB LEDs. The heat sink fits standard GU10/MR16 light fixtures for easy integration into higher-level assemblies for office, residential, or architectural lighting.

Product Features

o Design allows for versatility in mounting without solder
o Consists of a heat sink, locking ring, and contact carrier
o Design fits into same envelope as MR16 with its socket
o Optional diffuser lens available Applications
o Plug and Play Capability for LED Light Fixtures
o Office Lighting
o Residential Lighting
o Architechtural Lighting

The holder accepts LED board thicknesses from 1.0 to 2.5 mm thick, with easy replacement after installation.

The LED Pixel Holder works with LEDs rated up to 3 watts without forced air cooling. For higher LED power ratings, forced air cooling or additional heat sinking may be necessary. The assembly is rated for operating currents up to 2.5 A and voltages to 50 VDC. With an operating temperature range from -40°C to 120°C, the Pixel Holder is suited for both indoor and outdoor applications. The electrical interface is standard 110 FASTON quick-disconnect tabs, which allows simple plug-in compatibility with Class 2 wiring.

Options include a thermally conductive pad, snap-on diffuser lens, and integrated LED driver.

For more information on Tyco Electronics Star Board LED Pixel Holders, contact Tyco Electronics' Product Information Center at 800-522-6752, or send email to

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