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New BikeGlow Safety Light
to be Featured in Amgen Tour

BikeGlow Safety Light provides a 10foot tubular light that is flexible enough to wrap around the bike frame

BikeGlow, Inc. Press Release - 2/12/2009
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BikeGlow Safety Light

BikeGlow Safety Light

SANTA CRUZ, Ca. - As this years Amgen Tour of California, featuring Lance Armstrong, finishes Stage 2 in Santa Cruz, several events will feature the newly released BikeGlow Safety Light. Bike frames at the Design and Innovation exhibit, and later at the Innovations in Bicycle Design: Past, Present and Future Reception and Panel Discussion, will be glowing blue, red, white, and yellow, as BikeGlow Safety Lights are displayed on frames of road bikes, cruisers, and mountain bikes.

Santa Cruz, California is one of the most beautiful beach towns on the West Coast. As well, the town is known as a biking mecca, with nearby world-class mountain bike riding, awesome coastal road biking treks, and a solid transportation based bicycle community. All this makes Santa Cruz an ideal biker haven, and three avid cyclists branded the BikeGlow Safety Light that is now selling in bike stores and online at

Running on 2-AA batteries, the BikeGlow Safety Light provides a 10foot tubular light that is flexible enough to wrap around the bike frame, providing a glow that enhances side visibility of bikes, as well as creates a look that attracts the attention of car drivers and alerts them there is another vehicle on the road. It is also used as a just-in-case light on kids trailers for parents that find themselves out past sunset before heading home.

BikeGlow promotes the glow lighting as an affordable safety enhancer, and the expected crowds for the Amgen events are a perfect venue to reach a large number of target bikers. Bikers who ride road rides at dawn, dusk, or night, or transportation bikers who commute in early or late hours.

The number of satisfied BikeGlow riders continues to grow, and the company shows no sign of slowing down. With distribution agreements in the works for the UK, South Africa, and Australia, the biking world is moving out of the dark and into a glowing look that could save hundreds of lives per year.

BikeGlow, Inc. specializes in the BikeGlow Safety Light for any bicycle frame. They produce the BikeGlow Safety Light at an affordable cost to ensure the safety measure is available to all riders who can benefit from the increased visibility. Based in Santa Cruz, CA, BikeGlow was established in 2008.

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