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Phoebus Tactical Announces Expanded Line-Up
of MicroFire Tactical Flashlights

As part of expansion, they have lowered prices on all MicroFire products

Phoebus Company, Inc. Press Release - 2/12/2009
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MicroFire Explorer LED Flashlights

MicroFire Explorer LED Flashlights from Phoebus Tactical

SAN FRANCISCO, Ca. - Phoebus Tactical Flashlights announced at the recent SHOT show in Orlando that they are expanding their inventory of MicroFire tactical flashlights. As part of this expansion, they have lowered prices on all MicroFire products.

MicroFire is the manufacturer of the popular Warrior and Terminator High Intensity Discharge flashlights. They have a well earned reputation for producing quality, long lasting products. In addition to the Warrior, Challenger and Terminator lines, Phoebus will now be carrying the new Explorer LED series, and the miniature GL-1 LED flashlight.

The three Explorer models are based on the Terminator body styles and battery configurations. Instead of an HID lamp, each Explorer uses a Seoul Semiconductor Z-power P7 high output LED which is rated at an exceptional 90 lumens per watt.

The Explorer I (Phoebus product #PTL-1R) features a slim line body and takes two MicroFire 150A rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries placed end to end in the body. Three modes of operation can be selected with the tail mounted button switch; full power, low power and strobing. At full power, this flashlight produces 500 lumens for a continuous run time of 60 minutes. For gun mounting, a mouse tail switch is available as an option. Comes complete with AC 120v charger, batteries and a belt pouch. $338.00 list.

The Explorer II (Phoebus product #PTL-2R) is a more compact flashlight, with two 168A rechargeable batteries fitting side by side in the body and features an extended continuous run time of 90 minutes at full power, or 22 hours at low power. It come complete with AC 120v charger, batteries and a belt pouch. $368.00 list

The Explorer III (Phoebus product #PTL-3) is non-rechargeable using three CR-123A batteries in a removable battery magazine. This model is only 5 1/2" long, yet produces 500 lumens at full power for a rated 75 minutes at full power. It comes with batteries and a belt pouch. $268 list.

Red, Blue, Green and Yellow color filters are available for all three models.

The MicroFire GL-1 (Phoebus product #PGL-1) miniature uses a CREE Q5 3 watt LED to produce 130 lumens of output at full power, or 28 lumens at low power. It uses a single CR-123A battery for a continuous run time of 60 minutes. At only 3 1/2" long and weighing 3 oz. this flashlight is a great choice for the purse or glove box. $75.00 list.

All Phoebus Tactical products are available from our network of dealers listed at or from the phoebus tactical online store

Phoebus Tactical is extending our SHOT show discount coupon, worth 20% off all items in the online store through the end of February to readers of Flashlight News. Enter code SHOT09 for the discount when checking out.

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