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ExtremeBeam Tactical Releases Rechargeable LED
Search and Rescue Tactical Light

Claimed to Be the Worlds Brightest 6oz Rechargeable LED Search and Rescue Tactical Light

ExtremeBeam Tactical Press Release - 2/18/2009
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ExtremeBeam TAC24 from ExtremeBeamTactical

ExtremeBeam TAC24 from ExtremeBeamTactical

LOS ANGELES, Ca. - ExtremeBeam Tactical Light Company, a new world leader in high-quality, extremely bright and efficient rechargeable Tactical Weapon Systems, has launched two new Rechargeable, Waterproof, Military Tactical Lights. The 24,000 LUX TAC-24 High-Output LED Search and Rescue Light, and The S.A.R.5 LED Strategic Aeronautical Reconessance Light.

At 24,000 LUX The TAC-24 High-Output Search and Rescue Light was designed by ExtremeBeam to be one of the brightest rechargeable 6 ounce tactical lights ever manufactured. This ExtremeBeam Tac-24 is so bright that it can easily light up the top of a 15 story building from the ground level, and do so for 2+ hours on high position, giving urban search and rescue teams a tool previously unheard of in such a small, light weight package. Constructed from Military-Grade High-Density Aluminum, The Tac-24 is also waterproof, shockproof, and impact resistant making this light ideal for full combat duty and weapon mounting. The TAC 24 is fully rechargeable and comes with a 120-240Volt smart-charger and 2 sets of rechargeable batteries for a lighting system always ready for action. Best of all, Extreme Beam is selling this high end Military light to the public.

The S.A.R.5 Strategic Aeronautical Reconessance Light, is another of their "Greatest Creations" says Tony Osterman, ExtremeBeams PR man. "Like everything else from ExtremeBeam, this light is nothing less than Extreme." This small light, designed for Jet Fighter Pilots, is ExtremeBeam's answer to the needs of military jet and helicopter pilots world-wide. At just over 2 ounces(60grams) The S.A.R.5 packs a powerful punch of High Output Ultra white Tactical grade LED lighting. The output is so powerful, it causes instant night-blindness to an enemy combatant, giving precious seconds of advantage to a soldier in his time of need. And Like All ExtremeBeam lights, this unit is tough! It's Shock-Resistant, Impact-Resistant High Density Aircraft Aluminum Alloy construction allows it to withstand the sudden impacts expected during pilot emergency ejection. Best of all, this unit is rechargeable! It works on standard or rechargeable lithium batteries and comes with 2 sets of rechargeable lithium's and a micro-smart charger for European 220 and US 120Volt systems. We now have a better understanding why this military light manufacturer with its new public brand, say...ExtremeBeam, "The Original Extreme Beam Machine"!

ExtremeBeam Military Lights are covered by a Lifetime Warranty which covers War Abuse! Run it over with a tank and they replace it. They are available at reputable Outdoor and Sporting goods stores and dealers World-Wide, and for immediate delivery online at

For more information contact Tony Osterman, Public Relations Manager, at

ExtremeBeam Tactical Light Systems Design and manufacture the world top Military Tactical hand-held lighting systems. ExtremeBeam lights are known as some of the most durable tactical lights ever designed and are backed by ExtremeBeams Lifetime Warranty.

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