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Can be used to charge a standard cell phone or the 14-LED flashlight included in the kit

Medis Technologies Ltd. Press Release - 2/23/2009
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Power Emergency Kit

Power Emergency Kit from Medis Technology

NEW YORK, N.Y. - Heading into the wilderness can mean heading into trouble. Many outdoor enthusiasts pack a cell phone for emergencies. But what if the cell phone is low on battery?

There are emergency chargers that provide quick battery power to cell phones. The Power Emergency Kit from Medis Technologies is environmentally-friendly and completely recyclable.

The Power Emergency Kit generates its own energy without batteries or outlets. It provides 20 watt-hours of energy and can be used to charge a standard cell phone or the 14-LED flashlight included in the kit.

The cell phone charging option is compatible with smart phones, iPhone, Blackberry, iPod, Mp3 players, GPS devices and Bluetooth handsets. These devices can be fully charged up to six times.

The flashlight can be powered for up to 90 hours. Once depleted, the charger is recyclable and a refill is available.

The starter kit costs $29.99 and the refill is $24.99. Both are available online at stores such as or It is also available at select Best Buy stores.

About Medis Technologies Ltd.

Medis Technologies' (NASDAQ: MDTL) ( is the creator of the first portable fuel cell generator. The company's first generation of products, Medis 24/7 Xtreme Portable Power Solution and the Medis Fuel Cell Power Emergency Kit are available at and the The portable fuel cells can provide up to 90 hours of "green" energy to power personal electronics (i.e. cell phones, MP3 players, flashlights, etc.) anywhere without the need for a wall socket or any external electricity source.

Medis' indirect majority-owned subsidiary, Cell Kinetics Ltd., is engaged in the development and commercialization of the CKChip, a unique cell carrier platform intended for simultaneous fluoroscopic monitoring and analysis of thousands of individual living cells over time.

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