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Insight Tech-Gear Introduces S.O.S. Feature
With X-Treme™ Tactical Flashlights

New S.O.S.feature gives you the ability to visually communicate the internationally recognized distress signal

Insight Tech-Gear Press Release - 2/23/2009
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HX120™ Proxima

HX120™ Proxima from Insight Tech-Gear

LONDONDERRY, N.H. - Insight Tech-Gear, the world's leading provider of tactical lasers, illuminators and thermal imaging equipment, has introduced an S.O.S. signaling feature to its X-Treme™ Series of multi-function flashlights.

The X-Treme Series, which includes the new HX-120, HX-150 and HX-200 models, utilizes a programmable tailcap switch that provides the operator with several modes to choose from in low light situations including constant on, momentary on, strobe, dimming and the new S.O.S. feature.

"Whether you're lost or injured in the woods or a victim of a man-made or natural disaster, our new S.O.S. feature gives you the ability to visually communicate the internationally recognized distress signal over great distances for up to 24 hours," said Devin Standard of Insight Tech-Gear.

To access the S.O.S. function the operator, from the full on position, simply taps the tailcap switch four (4) times taking the user to the S.O.S. mode which projects up to 200 lumens (in the HX200 model) in the three dot - three dash - three dot pattern with a one and a half second interval before repeating the series.

"At Insight Tech-Gear we work with the military and first responder communities to constantly improve our products to provide the user with greater access to life saving technologies. The addition of the S.O.S. feature is just the latest step in the ongoing effort to help our customers dominate the darkness," explained Standard.

Visit your dealer for more information on Insight Tech-Gear's full line of tactical flashlights, weapons mounted lights and thermal imaging products.

About Insight Tech-Gear

Insight Tech-Gear, as the commercial arm of Insight Technology Incorporated, enjoys the long and highly respected heritage of the foremost developer and manufacturer of tactical lasers, illuminators and thermal imaging equipment for the U.S. Armed Forces. An ISO 9001 company headquartered in Londonderry, New Hampshire, Insight Tech-Gear is dedicated to providing market-driven, technology-enabled, awareness enhancing solutions to first responders, industry professionals, and responsible citizens.

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