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Larson Electronics' adds new hazardous location lights with high powered LEDs and/or lithium ion battery packs

Larson Electronics LLC Press Release - 2/23/2009
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RUL-9 Tactical Spot Light

RUL-9 Tactical Spot Light

DALLAS, Tx. - "The EXP-LED-F4W incorporates a 4 watt LED in a lightweight form factor and projects a tight, white beam to 225 feet," announced Rob Bresnahan, President of Larson Electronics. "This 4 watt explosion proof LED light operates for more than 100 hours on any type of AA batteries. This intrinsically safe flashlight is Zone Zero rated and incorporates all the worldwide safety ratings for both flammable vapors and explosive dusts.

With no bulb to break, polycarbonate lens and nylon body, this light is applicable to all environments, including food safe applications, such as flour or sugar dust. A lot of people still think of LEDs as a very weak flood light, but the technology has really leaped forward in the last 12 months. Operators will be impressed with the bright, spot beam this light provides. At a price point below $50, this ultra-durable light is ideal for tank and vessel inspection."

"Many operators prefer rechargeable explosion proof lights, to eliminate the need to stock batteries," Rob continued. "We offer several options that offer portability, durability and rechargeable lithium ion batteries. Unlike previous battery technologies, lithium ion batteries offer high capacities with no memory issues. Operators can recharge the batteries as little of as much as they like. Smart charging technology eliminates overcharging. Our RUL-9 is a popular Class 1 Division II light that operates for 5 hours on a single charge. Ideal for areas that experience the intermittent presence of hazardous petrochemical vapors or dusts, these vapor proof, hazardous location lights are lightweight and have articulating heads. The RUL-9 Tactical Spot Light is popular with pipeline inspection. For inspecting larger tanks, we offer the ATX-20-S, which integrated High Intensity Discharge (HID) into a Class 1 Division rated flashlight for Groups A, B, C and D. There are very few lights that cover Group B, but this explosion proof flashlight emits a 1500 foot long white beam and last 90 minutes on a single charge of its potted lithium ion battery.

For environmental companies that require ultra long battery life as well as the versatility to inspect surfaces at distance as well provide work area flood lighting, the EXPRL-95 offers 9-18 hour battery life, with UL safety ratings ranging across Class 1, Class II and Class III, this versatile, LED driven light is popular with aerospace applications and post paint spray booth inspection. For operators already integrating ceiling surface mount explosion proof fluorescent lighting, like our EPL-48-2L or EPL-48-4L, into their paint spray booth, the EXPRL-95 make idea post paint spray inspection lights for the underside of fuselages, etc. where all the 'nooks and crannies' are shielded from the overhead fluorescents."

LED lighting is ideal for the smallest of our explosion proof lighting line, including the Class 1 Division 1 pen lights (EPL-LED-PL1) and snake lights (EXP-LED-SL-10). Both are powered by LED technology and take alkaline batteries. They are ideal for minimum distance inspection work, etc.

Generally, these smaller, lightweight battery driven explosion proof and hazardous location lights augment are larger EPL-24C-1X4 or EPL-18C-1X4 400 watt, Class 1 Division 1 tank light. Typically, operators will set up the larger, heavier lights to encompass the work area and then use smaller portable LED driven lights for inspection," concluded Rob. "By adding smaller form factor hazardous location lighting to our larger Class 1 Division 1 flood lights we look to become a sole source for all safety rated lighting needs of our manufacturing, environmental and petrochemical customers."

Larson Electronics is a 40 year old supplier of lighting solutions for industrial, utility and military applications. You can learn more about Larson Electronics LLC at or by calling 1-800-369-6671.

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