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Browning Press Release - 2/27/2009

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Browning Night Seeker Cap Light

Browning Night Seeker Cap Light

MORGAN, Ut. - We recently received a letter from a happy customer in Louisville, Kentucky. Below is his story of how the Browning Night Seeker Cap Light helped Joe Willis and his family in what is considered the worst ice storm in the history of Louisville, Kentucky, just prior to Super Bowl weekend. The Night Seeker is a great addition to your hunting gear and -- as Mr. Willis attests -- to your home emergency kits as well.

Dear Browning,

I am writing you to let you know that I think the Night Seeker Cap Light is one product every household should have.

I live in the suburbs surrounding Louisville, Kentucky where we are struggling to recover from an ice / snow storm that has left over 200,000 people without power. The ice portion hit at about 3:00 AM and I was awakened to the sound of trees snapping by 4:30 AM. I immediately gathered flashlights and batteries along with a Night Seeker Combo that I had purchased before Christmas. By 8:00 AM we had lost all power in my neighborhood. Downed trees and power lines were everywhere in the neighborhood.

I set up and started my emergency generator just before dark to power a small electric heater and my refrigerator. The Night Seeker Light allowed me to keep fuel in the generator and move through the house safely with both hands free. My wife and daughter also used it throughout the power outage to read and prepare meals. I never once touched a flashlight during this period I just kept an old cap with the light on my head, even sleeping in it.

Being an active shooter I have four Browning firearms that I love dearly and would not part with, this light is another Browning product I cannot live without.

These lights should be in every household's emergency preparedness kit. I currently am one of the fortunate ones who have had power restored but Louisville still has over 100,000 people without power and for some it may be another 7 to 10 days before it is back on.

Spending 48 hours in the dark with minimal heat gives you a new appreciation for simple things that work and make a difficult time easier. The Night Seeker Light is a great product!

Thank you,

Joe Willis

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