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New Streamlight Flashlight Website
Brings Brightness to the Internet

Flashlight website has recently launched, along with its accompanied blog Press Release - 2/27/2009

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Streamlight Strion

Streamlight Strion with C4 LED Technology

INMAN, S.C. - Some people are okay with owning a flashlight purchased from a dollar store, though the fact of the matter is that those cheaply made items will kill batteries and burn out bulbs rapidly. Streamlight Corporation manufactures industrial quality flashlights used by firefighters, police officers, military, and other industries. These powerful and dependable flashlights are also available to the public.

Entrepreneurs Constance and Anthony Jones established a partnership with Streamlight and built their own web store,, which launched in February 2009. The Joneses have long used the brand both professionally and personally, and now want to share their favorite Streamlight products with others.

"I'm a law enforcement officer and it's the kind of flashlight I use for work and I've been carrying it for four or five years," said Anthony.

"This is also the kind of flashlight we use at home," added Constance. "It's the brightest flashlight I've ever seen."

As the website strolls into its first month of existence, the Joneses plan on adding additional types of flashlights onto their site.

"We're looking to expand our product line to include other Streamlight flashlights used in other professions," said Constance. "Right now our site offers to the public, the flashlights that are used and recommended by police and firefighters, but we are researching and adding to the site."

One feature on this site that has just been added is the informational blog that has been launched,

"The blog will address a variety of topics," said Constance, "such as how to choose a flashlight that meets your needs, and rechargeable versus non-rechargeable flashlights. We will also provide updates on flashlight technology as well as Streamlight product updates. The aim is to help people find the best flashlight to fit their needs."

"These flashlights are what professionals use," said Anthony. "Powerful and dependable, they are what you want to have when the power goes out."

With an expansive catalog of high quality flashlights and one of the best brands behind them, the Joneses are making it possible for everybody to have access to reliable flashlights for all occasions, whether it's an emergency or to look under the hood of a car.

About the Company: is a part of JonesMark Enterprises which is operated by Constance and Anthony Jones.

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