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Rechargeable Batteries Market Energized
by Forecasts of Strong Growth

SBI forecasts that the rechargeable battery market will rise to $51 billion by 2013

SBI (Specialists in Business Information) Press Release - 3/10/2009

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Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable Batteries

NEW YORK, N.Y. - Whether it is a battery for a hybrid or electric vehicle, the latest laptop, or backup power for a remote telecommunications site, everyone wants a battery that has the highest energy density, best safety factor, and longest life in term of discharge cycles and ease of maintenance while still being environmentally friendly.

These are the drivers behind rechargeable battery research around the world today, notes industrial market research publisher SBI in the brand-new report, "Advanced Rechargeable Battery Market: Emerging Worldwide Trends and Opportunities." Rechargeable batteries, also known as storage batteries, are a continuing strong market, with worldwide sales of $36 billion in 2008. SBI forecasts that the rechargeable battery market will rise to $51 billion by 2013.

Lithium-ion is the battery chemistry of choice for future generations of portable electronics and hybrid and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. In 2008, lithium-ion battery research had more funding than all other battery technologies combined. The portable rechargeable battery market, of which lithium-ion has a 75% share, is the fastest growing segment of the rechargeable battery market, showing world market growth of 20% in 2008.

The next five years will see rechargeable batteries continue to be the energy storage system of choice for portable electronics and power tools, as well as expand into new markets in motor vehicles and large scale renewable energy systems. "Lithium-ion is the battery chemistry blazing the trail for the reality of electric cars on the road -- rather than concept cars on the showroom floor," said Shelley Carr, SBI associate publisher.

"Advanced Rechargeable Battery Market: Emerging Technologies and Trends Worldwide" contains comprehensive data on the U.S. and world market for storage batteries, including historical (2002-2008) and forecast (2009-2013) market size data. The report identifies key factors driving battery research, trends affecting the marketplace and market growth, and profiles major marketers and consumer demographics. For further information visit:

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