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Albeo Technologies "C-Series" White-LED
High Bay Light Fixture Wins Award

First market ready Solid-State High-Bay light fixture reduces maintenance and energy consumption

Albeo Technologies Press Release - 3/11/2009

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C-Series LED High Bay fixture

C-Series LED High Bay fixture

BOULDER, Co. - Albeo Technologies, a leader in LED lighting, receives the U.S. Department of Energy's Next Generation Luminaire (NGL) Market Ready Award for their C-Series™ white-LED Solid-State High Bay light fixture. The NGL award recognizes manufacturers who develop innovative commercial luminaires that are energy-efficient and provide high lighting quality and consistency, glare control, lumen maintenance, and luminaire appearance needed to meet specification lighting requirements.

Albeo's winning C-Series™ LED High Bay luminaire is designed to replace 400 W HID light fixtures that are used for general illumination in large buildings such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities, retail stores, cold storage facilities, gymnasiums, and convention centers. Using patent-pending TEMPR™ thermal technology, Albeo's LED High Bay lowers energy usage and reduces maintenance costs.

The C-Series High Bay is the flagship of Albeo's complete line of industrial and commercial light fixtures that provide LED lighting solutions for a wide range of fluorescent and HID solutions, summarized in the table, and detailed at Albeo's website.

"We congratulate all the winners and are very pleased to receive this award from the DOE. Federal sponsorship of awards for the advancement of lighting efficiency shows U.S. commitment to becoming an environmentally friendly nation," said Jeff Bisberg, CEO, Albeo Technologies. "Albeo is committed to providing high-performance quality products that deliver impressive operational savings to our industrial and commercial customers."

To learn more visit and download specifications and photometrics. Call 866-825-5420 toll free to get a quote on your unique job. Details on the NGL award can be obtained at

About Albeo Technologies

Albeo Technologies' industrial and commercial LED light fixtures are a cost-effective, environmentally friendly alternative to fluorescent and HID lighting. They are designed to lower energy and maintenance costs. Utilizing TEMPR™ thermal management technology, Albeo's products deliver best-in-class efficiency, lifetime, and cost. Albeo's fixtures use the finest quality materials, including heavy-gauge extruded aluminum housings, polycarbonate lenses, and LEDs from top tier suppliers.

About U.S. Department of Energy

The U.S. Department of Energy's overarching mission is to advance the national, economic, and energy security of the United States; to promote scientific and technological innovation in support of that mission; and to ensure the environmental cleanup of the national nuclear weapons complex.

Albeo ProductTraditional Product
C-Series High Bay* 250 to 400 W HID
* T5/T8 HIF
C-Series Low Bay* 75 to 250 W HID
* Linear/CFL Fluorescent
C-Series Garage* 150 W HID or
* Linear/CFL Fluorescent
C-Series Linear* Strip Fluorescent
T8LED Troffer* Recessed Fluorescent
T8LED Troffer Retrofit* Recessed Fluorescent
Atmosphere Cove* Strip Fluorescent
* Halogen
Brilliance Showcase* Strip Fluorescent
* Halogen
Talea-HP Undercabinet* Strip Fluorescent
* Halogen puck
Talea-HP Undercabinet* Recessed Fluorescent
SecurityLED™ Corner
SecurityLED Recessed
SecurityLED Surface
SecurityLED Wall
* High-Abuse Fluorescent

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