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Underwater Kinetics Super Q eLED Selected
by US Deep Caving Team for Record Deep Descent

High Intensity Super Q lights the way deep into the Earth

Underwater Kinetics Press Release - 3/17/2009

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Super Q eLED® Rechargeable Lithium Ion

Super Q eLED® Rechargeable Lithium Ion

POWAY, Ca. - Underwater Kinetics announced today that its high intensity dive light, the Super Q eLED, has been selected for use by the United States Deep Caving Team while they attempt to set a new caving depth record of over 2,600 meters during the 2009 J2 Expedition taking place in early Spring of this year in southern Mexico.

The Super Q eLED was chosen by the team based on its constant high brightness, light weight, small size, waterproof design and ability to operate on a rechargeable lithium ion battery or disposable lithium cells. Bill Stone, leader of the expedition commented, "I was really pleased to see that UK is on top of the underwater LED scene. It's almost as if you were reading my mind with your Super Q eLED light."

The team is intent on beating a Ukranian deep caving group working in Abkhazia to a record depth. Underwater Kinetics has supported previous attempts by the team to descend into Cueva Cheve in the Sierra Juárez highlands of northeastern Oaxaca, México.

Smaller and brighter has always been the theme of Underwater Kinetics light design. The tiny Super Q eLED emits 90 lumens of light into a narrow penetrating beam. The small size is made possible by UK's propietary compound path optics (CPO) which cuts the reflector length in half while at the same time capturing any spill light and focusing it into the main beam. In addition, heat released by the LED is recycled into the battery pack for more efficient use of energy. Its rechargeable lithium ion battery lasts for over 4 hours on a charge. When power for recharging is not available, two disposable CR123 cells may be used. The double o-ring sealed case is made from polycarbonate and ABS resins to prevent corrosion and resist dents which can impair its function when dropped. As with all Underwater Kinetics lights it is made at its factory in Poway, California.

To learn more about the expedition and follow its progress, go to

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For over a quarter century Underwater Kinetics (UK) has been in the business of designing and manufacturing lights, protective cases and accessories for use in harsh or difficult environments. Our waterproof lights are the standard for scuba divers, fire fighters, utility workers and health and safety personnel. UK protective dry cases meet rigid standards set by OEMs to protect their products in challenging environments. For more information on UK, please visit

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