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Light Bulb-Shaped Keychain
Doubles as Flashlight

Turns on when the bulb head is rotated, and is powered by three AG3 or LR41 batteries; available for import

Pro-Geniality Enterprise Co. Ltd. Press Release - 3/19/2009

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Model PGS-013 multifunction keychain

Model PGS-013 multifunction keychain

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Pro-Geniality Enterprise Co. Ltd. has released multifunction keychain model PGS-013, which serves as a flashlight. The attachment is shaped like a light bulb and fitted with an LED. The diode turns on when the bulb head is rotated, and is powered by three AG3 or LR41 batteries.

The model measures 50x27x27mm and has a metal key ring.

The color of the bulb can be customized on request.

FOB Taipei price is available on inquiry. The minimum order is $5,000 worth, deliverable within 30 days after order confirmation.

About Pro-Geniality Enterprise Co. Ltd.

Pro Geniality produces a wide range of solar-powered and illuminated products for innovative applications. Consumers around the world are becoming more and more environmentally conscious. Our solar-powered products will appeal to them for their eco-friendly features, and customers will appreciate the fact that they don't need to waste money on batteries. The mass consumer appeal of solar-powered products contributes to our exporting over $1.2 million worth of goods annually -- and they can help increase your bottom line too.

Like all our innovative consumer electronics, production of the featured device takes place in our 1,000-square meter factory where strict QC ensures defect rates below 1 percent. We introduce seven items quarterly, and mixed orders for just $5,000 worth of products are accepted. All samples are delivered in 10 days or less.

Pro-Geniality also manufactures LED keychains, personal alarms, lanyards and pet leashes. The company exports mainly to the US and Europe.

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