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TerraLUX Announces LED Upgrade
for Streamlight Stinger and Stinger XT

World's Best and Brightest Upgrade for the Streamlight Stinger and Stinger XT Flashlight

TerraLUX, Inc. Press Release - 3/19/2009

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LED Upgrade

LED Upgrade for Streamlight Stinger and Stinger XT

BOULDER, Co. - The huge base of Streamlight Stinger flashlights with incandescent bulbs can now enjoy the features and cost-saving benefits of the TerraLUX LED Light Engine® in a custom engineered upgrade.

Featuring the CREE XRE Q4 Bin 220 Lumen LED, the unit delivers reliable, constant brightness thanks to the unit's integrated electronics. The product features a patented* design that includes a heavy-duty heat sink that ensures a cool-running LED. This means the unit does not experience significant temperature induced "fade" found with inferior designs.

The high efficiency of the LED means that the user enjoys a much longer runtime,-approximately 120 minutes (continuous) between charges. Because the battery undergoes fewer charging cycles, battery lifetime, which is determined by the number of charge-discharge cycles, is greatly extended. The unit literally pays for itself in batteries and the light bulbs that do not need to be replaced,-not to mention reliability.


• 220 Lumen Cree Q4 LED
• Electronic Regulation
• Extends Battery Runtime
• Extends Battery Lifetime
• Saves Money
• Brighter than Incandescent Bulb
• Complete Upgrade Kit includes New Head Lens and LED Module
• Heavy Duty Heat Sink


• 220 Lumen LED Output
• DC Electronic Regulator
• 120 min. / 2 hr. runtime
• High-Quality TIR Lens
• Focusable
• Fits Streamlight Stingerand Stinger XT with 3.6 Volt rechargeable batteries ONLY

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About TerraLUX

TerraLUX Inc. invents, designs, patents, manufactures and distributes innovative high power LED OEM solutions for general lighting plus industrial, commercial, medical and retail markets. TerraLUX LED light engines are used in architectural lighting to replace MR-16, MR-11, PAR, T10 and compact fluorescent lamps. TerraLUX makes LED light engines to replace incandescent bulbs in the most popular flashlights and lighting tools on the market. In the industrial and commercial markets, TerraLUX WorkStar series of rechargeable work lights are sold nationwide to professionals, technicians and serious Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts. In the medical and dental markets, TerraLUX makes portable LED headlamps for surgeons plus portable UV lighting. TerraLUX does design and testing in Boulder, Colorado and utilizes Asian manufacturing for high volume production work.

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Specifications are subject to change without notice. TerraLUX reserves the right to make changes to the product without prior notice. The unit is warranted for one year. TerraLUX is not associated with Streamlight in any way. The descriptions given here are intended to describe the features and benefits of the TerraLUX product. The Streamlight names and trademarks are owned by Streamlight and are used here for descriptive purposes only.

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