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NeoPac Opto Announces LED Light Engine
With 1500 Lumen Output

Ultra high power 30 watt light engine with 1A operating current

NeoPac Opto Press Release - 3/30/2009

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NeoPac 30 Watt LED Light Engine

NeoPac 30 Watt LED Light Engine

CHUBEI CITY, Taiwan - Combining creative thinking and proactive actions, NeoPac Opto once again pushed output brightness with single-packaged, multi-chip point-light-source LEDs light engine to the new era at over 1,500 lumen maintenance.

Always standing at the forefront of LED technology breakthrough, NeoPac Opto has achieved the world record by producing 500 lumen output brightness with its single-packaged, multi-chip point-like-source back in July 2005. Because of NeoPac's continuous effort in creating and bringing new technology, it could produce three times that of the world record (1,500 lumen maintenance). This innovation coming from NeoPac Opto is built on NUP (NeoPac Universal Platform) technology that integrating different levels from chips, packages, modules to systems into one SSL (Solid State Lighting) platform. Combining excellent thermal management technologies, the revolutionary breakthrough of LED technology by NeoPac Opto not only has pushed the world record of power dissipation for single-packaged LEDs up to higher levels than before (30 watts) and more over, it is able to produce over 16,00 initial lumen and 1,500 maintain lumen while controlling the LED junction temperature (Tj) at 60°C to assure the LED's long life durability and maintaining its spectral characteristics.

Based on patented system-in-package technology approach, NeoPac Opto has created world's smallest LEDs multi-chip (14.1mmx14.1mm) with high density luminous flux ensuring the package meets global standards for general lighting application. Through adequate thermal management techniques, NeoPac Opto developed an ultra high power 30 watt light engine with 1A operating current maintaining system thermal resistance only of 1.17°C/W (LED junction to ambient). Therefore, all NeoPac Light Engine can operate at ultra high power with high luminous flux, low junction temperature (60°C) and have outstanding performance with long reliable life.

Jeffrey Chen, president of NeoPac Opto, says "Due to system thermal resistance (Rja) in the LED packaging and system assembly under ultra-high-power operating conditions, those single-packaged high-power LED lighting source available in the market can only operate at most on 3 watts, and they need to be set upon a good working heat sink base to ensure its operating safety. Our system-in-package approach NeoPac Light Engine can easily handle more than 10 times in power dissipation. Most importantly, the LEDs junction temperature can be easily controlled at or under 60°C as well.

The breakthrough NeoPac has made could push point-light-source, single-packaged LED into crucial applications in the opto-electronic industry, and can greatly reduce the cost of commercial production. NeoPac Opto's new generation of LED System-In-Package Platform is well protected and has applied a number of patents at various technical levels in several countries around the world.

No matter how the luminous efficiency for LED chips will be improved in the future, the "NeoPac Universal Platform" will be there, like the basic infrastructure for the lighting industry. It is expected to become the best choice in the application of Point-Light-Source LEDs for solid-state-lighting and also for general lighting uses.

About NeoPac Opto

NeoPac® Lighting Group was established in 2005. NeoPac's mission is to be recognized as a world class provider for innovative and high quality solid state lighting (SSL) products and services.

With competitive advantage of NeoPac® advanced LED technologies, we are aiming to become a new leader in the lighting and optoelectronic products and services in the world. Our aim is to manage, effectively and profitably, a supply organization which will integrate a market-focused and customer- oriented sales approach to responding customers' ever demanding expectations. Our strength lies in an ability to consider the international dimension in product design and development whilst, at the same time, fulfilling the needs of customers and markets with the knowledge and understanding of a local supplier.

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