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iBEAM: 1st to Add Patented
LED Flashlight Technology to the Wristwatch

Patented high intensity LED flashlight and flip-up 3x magnifying lens applications are a hit with consumers and retailers

iBEAM Press Release - 3/30/2009

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iBEAMS's 20-20 digital watch

iBEAMS's 20-20 digital watch

LOS ANGELES, Ca. - iBEAM []. In a market where it seems watch brands unveil new cosmetic variances each year, it is the brand that develops new features and applications that seem to get the most consumer and retail interest. Consumers and retailers are seeking something new and different, something that will provide a needed function. iBEAMS's 20-20 digital watch fits that bill.

The iBEAM watch is a functional everyday instrument, not just a fashion accessory, although it is quite fashionable as well. It is an innovative and stylish solution allowing users to have access to light and lens wherever they go. A microchip allows for hands-free operation of the patented, high-intensity LED flashlight after an initial push of a button. Push the button again to turn the light off, or a battery saving device shuts it off automatically after 30 seconds. The patented, flip-up 3x magnifying lens also flips up with ease.

From maps to menus, prescription labels to phone books or from lighting the path for you and your dog to lighting the lock to get in the door, iBEAM has made life bigger, brighter, easier and safer. iBEAM has been a useful tool for Baby Boomers, gadget gurus and outdoor enthusiasts, even helping one couple avert potential tragedy when they found themselves caught in the woods after dark. Even celebrities have been spotted sporting their iBEAM watches as well.

"We get people from all over the world visiting [our shop], and everyone gravitates to the iBEAM," says Carol Ferguson, retail store owner in Carmel, California.

iBEAM watches retail for $59 and come in several colors, both men's and women's, with features such as: large back-lit digital number displays, four daily alarms, dual time zones, calendar display, manual compass and are water resistant. iBEAM's 20-20 watch may be found at various retailers or at

For additional information, product or interviews, call 917-447-6989.

iBEAM's technology is backed by four US patents.

Robert Hollander, CEO of iBEAM is also Co-Founder of Brand Sense Partners, a merchandising company launching products for companies and celebrities such as Halle Berry and Britney Spears.

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