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HELIO-STROB micro LED Stroboscope

Micro-processor control and innovative LED technology in a handy vest pocket size

ELMED Dr. Ing. Mense GmbH Press Release - 4/7/2009

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LED stroboscope HELIO-STROB micro

LED stroboscope HELIO-STROB micro

HEILIGENHAUS, Germany - In addition to their well-known stroboscopes with Xenon flash light the German manufacturer ELMED GmbH now offers a LED stroboscope, the HELIO-STROB micro.

The LED stroboscope HELIO-STROB micro is to be applied to processes requiring an easy, optical control or the visualisation of quick production sequences, as well as to the contact-free revolution and vibration measurement.

The combination of micro-processor control and innovative LED technology in a handy vest pocket size provides among a variety of functions all advantages of this new technology, e.g. the extremely long product and service life. There are no hidden additional costs as the stroboscope is maintenance free and does not need any wear-out components. The HELIO-STROB micro does not generate any heat thus it is also applicable in more sophisticated parts of production. Further important features to be mentioned are the phase shifting of up to 360° for switching the point of observation, the alternative selection of rotation or flash frequency as well as the memory for 4 flash frequencies. The frequency selection by fast search mode makes it possible to adapt flexibly to variable velocities. The frequency divider and multiplier let search get quick to the point. The adjustable flash duration provide more light and pin sharp pictures.

These advantages realise an optimum of flexibility for a mobile use of the HELIO-STROB micro in the fields of quality control, service or production thus giving a fast overview of the actual sequence of motion.

About ELMED Dr. Ing. Mense GmbH

ELMED specialises in the design and manufacture of measuring and testing equipment. For over 50 years customers in many technical fields have been relying on this middle-sized company.

Over the years ELMED has contributed to progress made in many technical branches. Our contributions are based on product innovation and product quality. ELMED provides over 50 years of experience in manufacturing equipment for measuring and testing, technically refined, customised solutions and innovation based on strong research and development.

The qualified and experienced technical experts deliver products and services of the highest standard. Yet we are close to you wherever you are, thanks to our European network of representatives and OEMs.

ELMED has the right solution for you. Our range covers well-proven standard units, integrated equipment arrays, and complete systems - all with advanced ELMED technology. In the fields of stroboscopy, holiday detection or metal detection we can tailor the best solution to meet your specific requirements.

We handle our own research, design, and production. Our integrated approach guarantees you optimum product performance, on-time delivery, and fair prices.

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