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Revolutionary M-Series Maritime
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M-Series Offers Highest Definition Maritime Thermal Imaging Available

FLIR Systems, Inc. Press Release - 4/8/2009

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M-Series of 24-hour thermal imaging systems

M-Series of 24-hour thermal imaging systems

PORTLAND, Or. - FLIR Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: FLIR) announced the release of its new M-Series of 24-hour thermal imaging systems to the maritime community at the 2009 Miami International Boat Show.

The culmination of FLIR's 20 years of experience as the world leader in maritime thermal imaging, the M-Series boasts the highest definition thermal night vision imagery available to the recreational and commercial maritime community.

Its thermal night vision camera has a 26° field of view, giving users a 125% improvement in range performance over past systems. This, coupled with more than four times the resolution of competitive systems, enables users to see navigation hazards like channel markers, outcroppings of land, other boats, and people in the water more clearly - and from farther away - than ever before ... even in total darkness.

In addition to providing best-in-class thermal imagery, the M-Series maritime imaging systems incorporate a micro-lux low-light camera for improved visibility during twilight hours, and when operating along intracoastal waterways and near harbor entrances.

Housed in a rugged, waterproof gimbal enclosure that provides continuous 360° pan and +/-90° tilt capability, M-Series imagers provide horizon-to-horizon coverage.

M-Series systems incorporate cutting-edge Ethernet connectivity for easy installation, control, and interface with other on-board electronics, and installers can mount M-Series gimbals in either ball-up or ball-down orientation.

The FLIR M-Series provides all of this in a compact package that's only 7-inches in diameter and 10.9-inches tall, taking up a fraction of the swept volume of most systems in its class.

The compact, waterproof joystick control unit (JCU) measures 3.6-inches wide by 5.7-inches high, and is powered and controlled over Ethernet, allowing the installation of multiple control stations anywhere on a vessel.

The M-Series also incorporates FLIR's exclusive Accu-Point technology, a position control and display feature that gives the operator continuous feedback of where the imager is looking.

As with FLIR's other maritime thermal imagers, M-Series imagers include FLIR's full array of infrared color palettes for easy viewing; users can watch its video on virtually any monitor or multi-function display that has an auxiliary video input.

"Thermal imaging has become an indispensable tool for maritime navigation and safety," said Lou Rota, Vice President of Maritime Business Development at FLIR Systems. "Our new M-Series class of products combines our industry-leading thermal cameras with our tested military technology to deliver the ultimate marinized imager for the recreational and commercial marine markets."


M-Series imagers are available for purchase through FLIR Systems' network of authorized resellers and installers. For more information about the M-Series, or to learn more about the entire line of FLIR Systems commercial and recreational boating products, call 800-727-3547 (toll-free) or visit

About FLIR Systems:

FLIR Systems, Inc. is a world leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of thermal imaging and stabilized camera systems for a wide variety of imaging and thermography applications including intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, navigation, border patrol, industrial security, condition monitoring, research and development, manufacturing process control, and building diagnostics. FLIR Systems is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, with service and manufacturing facilities worldwide. Visit the company's website at

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