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New Fuel Cell Today
Portable Survey 2009 Released

New Fuel Cell Today report forecasts 30 million portable units by 2019

Fuel Cell Today Press Release - 4/15/2009

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LED Emitter flashlight powered by an Angstrom™ Micro Hydrogen™ fuel cell

LED Emitter flashlight powered by an Angstrom™ Micro Hydrogen™ fuel cell

ROYSTON, United Kingdom. - Fuel Cell Today, the leading organisation for market based intelligence on the fuel cell industry, has published its latest Survey on portable fuel cells.

The new Survey reveals that 2008 saw around 9,000 portable units manufactured and shipped, mainly in the form of fuel cell toys and demonstration kits, with an increasing number of small units for remote monitoring and display lighting. Most of these units were PEM fuel cells fuelled by hydrogen.

Fuel Cell Today anticipates shipments will increase markedly over the next year as one or more electronics manufacturers and fuel cell companies working in partnership with electronics developers are likely to release a commercial DMFC battery charger in the next year, for either laptops or mobile phones. Over the next few years, significant increases in unit shipments are expected as niche applications such as battery chargers give way to consumer electronic devices with integrated fuel cells and consumer uptake reaches the millions of units per year.

Fuel Cell Today also introduces the idea of a 'long peak' of growing portable fuel cell shipments, mainly in the consumer electronics sector. As the report says: 'We anticipate that these niche applications will add up to a long peak of fuel cell adoption eventually cumulating in the conventional short peak of demand for mass market fuel cell powered consumer electronics, of the type envisaged by Sony, Toshiba and the other electronics OEMs'.

The Survey includes unique analysis of the prospects for portable fuel cells over the next ten years, including forecasts of units shipped by application, by electrolyte type and by hydrogen fuel source.

There is a full review of financial developments, the supply chain, infrastructure and legislation issues affecting portable fuel cells, as well as in-depth case studies on portable battery chargers and the Taiwanese portable fuel cell sector.

How to obtain the Survey

The Fuel Cell Today Portable Survey is the only analytical report to cover developments in the portable fuel cell sector over the last year as well as market forecasts for the next ten years. This is essential reading for anyone with an interest in the outlook for successful commercial development of fuel cells.

The Survey is available at a price of £1,000 and can be purchased now from or ordered from

The full list of contents and the Executive Summary are free to preview at

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